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Big Brother Celebrity Hijack

I'll probably watch it to see what its like but i would have preferred a celebrity BB. Whats fun about watching a bunch of rich kid students who dont need the 50k?
ill be watching it, im hoping its as good as BB... :pray:
well its not like they were celebrities in before more D ,ist clebs
What celeb in their right mind wants to be associated with this show after last year? :?

Maybe 'Cirque du Celebritie' grade ones :lol:
i always watch BB, but not so much celeb BB, but i'll give this a go, im curious :D
I think they could have picked one of the others to do what that guy is doing though, maybe the boxer guy.
omg that poor scottish bloke, i feel so sorry for him but it is sooooooooooooo :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
i was only half watching it (and half on here) lol but it looks good and quite funny i shall watch it tomorra
some they not bad to look at too!
Aww bless him some of the thing they made him say :rotfl:

I'm wondering, now everyone knows what happened, what will happen next, won't peeps be really suspicious now and catch on to the celebrity hijacker?
I doubt they will do the same thing every time so they wont catch on.
Flame said:
I doubt they will do the same thing every time so they wont catch on.

no i didn't mean they'd do the same thing but now they know big brother has been hijacked once, when anything else remotely out of the norm happens they will know its BB
My prediction for this one is Anthony to win :)

If I get 3 right in a row I'm gonna be a bit freaked lol

But yeah Matt Lucas is EVEEEEEL!!! But genius :rotfl:

That circus guy is a bit creepy isnt he?

Oh and that 19 year old with his own business...you know what he does?? His company is mostly responsible for INTERNET SPAM!!!!! Yeah genius form of e-marketing there mate :roll:
Just watched the first night on catch up! I was cringing so much I couldn't look at the telly! Poor, poor man! :rotfl:

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