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January testing dates?


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May 18, 2007
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ok after my little moan yesterday i think i am away to ovulate (lines getting darker n darker on OPK's but still using my digi one too)

i wondered if anyone would like to list in here the dates they are testing in Jan? i keep loosing track of when everyone is testing so will make it easier for everyone to know! I thought then we could add their result once they have tested or something??? :?

ignore me if its a silly idea or been done before and it didnt work :oops:

-------------------------------- ** ----------------------------------

Ok so far we have;

Mildly - 1st - BFP on the 1st :cheer: :cheer:
Scones - 1st - :hug:
Star Dust - 2nd - :hug:
Loola - 3rd - :hug:
Notty - 3rd - :hug:
Fluff - 3rd - BFP on the 2nd :cheer: :cheer:
Emma79 - 6th - :hug:
Redshoes - 8th - BFP on the 3rd :cheer: :cheer:
nw1 - 8th - BFP on the 4th :cheer: :cheer:
Kate79 - 8th - :hug:
Steelgoddess - 9th - BFP on the NYE! :cheer: :cheer:
CB23 - 10th - :hug:
Lynsey - 10th
Lillou - 12th - BFP on the 9th :cheer: :cheer:
KayKav - 13th - :hug:
Gerb - 13th
Skairdykat - 14th - :hug:
xxsammyxx - 16th
Chrissy1 - 17th
Babydust - 18th
Marge - 18th - :hug:
1588 - 19th
Claire&Jack - 20th
Mum_2besoon - 20th
satch - 20th
prickleyfairy - 22nd
Sookie - 22nd
I think thats a great idea! :D You should add everyones date to your first post as they tell you.

I will be testing 3rd Jan if AF doesnt arrive. (Though I think this may be a bit early as i didnt ovulate til day 16, but I cant wait til the 5th!) Stick me on the board for the 3rd! :cheer:
ok i added you hun, thats not far away :pray: its a BFP!!!
i am due to ov on the 5th so i will be testing on the 18th january as my cherri prediction says i may get a bfp on around the 18th
i added you babydust, good luck for then!
added you chick, best of luck for the 3rd! :hug:
Star dust said:
Hi ladies im due on the 2nd jan. love Lou.xx

would you like me to add you for testing that day hun? :hug:
Hi, I'm going to test on the 1st providing AF hasn't arrived by then. Could you add me too please :D
Mildly said:
Hi, I'm going to test on the 1st providing AF hasn't arrived by then. Could you add me too please :D

added chick, good luck :pray:
On the 1st providing af hasnt come-the evil witch :evil:
I'm due AF around the 11th but don't want to test till the 18th or thereabouts. Mainly because Cheri22 said December (conceive, find out or due in) and the 18th-21st to due with OV or testing lol.

So please can you put me down for testing the 18th?

I'll be testing on 6th, if AF hasn't already arrived.
added you both, skairdy for the 18th and emma79 for the 6th

good luck girls!

i know what you mean about cherri22 skairdy - she has given me the month of sept as conceive, find out or give birth in, if its give birth in sept it means i may get pregnant this month and find out in Jan and give birth in sept!!!!!!!!!! :shock:

will be praying she's right for both of us!! :hug:
Well if it's not this time then it may be March because I'll be due to OV around the 18th-21st and then my due date would be December 2008.

If it doesn't happen this time or March then I may just crack up :rotfl: :rotfl:
January 8th, if I can make it that far :cheer:

Babydust for New Year babies ladies :hug: :hug: :hug:

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