Evap line?


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Jul 22, 2010
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What exactly does an evap line look like? took a test and an hour later i see a dark line there ( very clear and with a hint of colour) but im not sure :oooo:
ok here goes a bad pic

Evap lines can have colour to them but they also tend to be white/grey and look like indents on the test. To save yourself scrutinizing over the tests, do another in a few days. If it was a true line, it would just be darker. :)

Hope it's a shy bfp for you. x x
Yes thought so not getting my hopes up yet.. :) Took this test two days ago or so can I do a new one this weekend maybe?xx Thank u x
When is your period due hun?

The pic is not very clear but think i can see somthing. cant tell what colour though

Test in a few days and line will get darker
Def take another one hun! How exciting!!
I got a line just like that last cycle but wasn't preg :(
But Jenny said it was just like hers and she is preg!

FX yours is a bfp!! Xxx
Hey hun,

I can see something too but cant tell the colour.

FX !! xx
I even saved the pic on my phone & tried different effects & can still see a line but can't work out what colour it is

Mmmm could of been an evap hun but I'm sure some girls had a line then got no lines before getting their proper BFPs

Did another test this morning ( bought the superdrugs pregnancy test, two packets) And now I cant believe it but Im seeing a faint line again and this before 10 minutes (As it says on the test you can read it up to 10 minutes)... Just going to ask my man if he sees it soo this is stronger than last one but still faint... Not sure if superdrugs testes gives evap lines early or something..?:trouble:I dont like faint lines...x
Hiya...I got my 1st faint positive on a superdrug test. If u got to page 9 of this forum there's a pic in the thread titled 'bfp?? Or an evap??' a day later I got digi confirmation. It is a really faint line,I struggled to see it wen I just went back and looked,no wonder dh thought I was mad lol xx good luck xx
How exciting hunny :) fx this is for you x x

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Thank you...

Had a look at your pic on " bfp?? Or an evap?", I look just same, this line turned up before it went 10 minutes, but not getting my hopes up, testing again on monday :) I want a BFP!!! Funny Ive got no sign of my PMS as i usually get a week before my period and had cramping for like 3-4 days now xxx
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congrats! i hated faint line... its like am i? arnt i? xx

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