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  • Hehe, I am good, planning next month aswell as we will start TTC, think my man is fed up hearing about it now tho lol. I am starting to get paranoid/ anxious haha. Not easy this is it! Yes I have been busy with work, and took a rest from the forum after getting so disappointed two-3 first months we started to ttc. So its been good to put mind on something else. So me being so upset, we maybe thought leaving it to after xmas, but can´t wait ... And my sister is pregnant and I want to be tooo hehe:) Good to hear you well! How long u been ttc for if dont mind me asking? xx
    Hiya Yvonne :) I'm alright thanks, a couple of days to OV so gonna start planning out my tactics like it's some kind of military operation :) How are you doing? Don't seem to hear from you much on the forums - you taking it easy? xx
    thanks.. I hope so, i feel sorry for her but it would be fun if she got pregnant soon, i really hope she do, she is going through IVF treatment right now..
    Havent sunk in yet.. I can´t believe im pregnant again!! Lol!! My man is sooo happy and started planning things already.. I just feel like staying in bed next few weeks in case miscarriage.. dont want to be too active etc.. maye im overreacting xx
    Aw no, don't feel guilty. I imagine that your sister is feeling sensitive about it, so maybe see how she seems to be coping - but her misfortune is not your fault so don't let it spoil it ;) xx
    Yeh i thought your symptoms were pretty conclusive to me too :) Just on my second cycle so not long, but it's still horrible not being pregaannt but wanting to be sooo badly :) xx
    Hiya Yvonne, i'm Louise :) I've just been reading your posts about getting your BFP - it's fantastic news and i'm really happy for you xx
    Hiya Scandic - what's your first name btw? - i was just wondering how the test turned out! It's taking you too long to test! lol xx
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