Tesco HPT says BFN

I tested on a HPT so that I would have something to keep, but it said BFN last night. Have tried again this morning and it's still BFN. I think the cheapies are a waste of time. They gave me a false ++ , that or I don't produce enough hcg. Just when I was getting used to the idea. Oh Well :roll: :(
:oops: Yeah i just noticed that in the title :doh:
Maybe ur not producing enough HCG at the moment being so early PG, maybe slash out for the clearblue test? Everyone i know always confirm the cheap ebay test results with a clearblue. i did with Jaycee. Maybe its the tesco ones that are crap? Im sure not ALL the tests u dont with the cheapies can be wrong! Its almost impossible to get a fake positive without taking any meds.
Try a clearblue babe. Its what they usually use at docs anyway
Can't afford one at the moment, hence the Tesco ones. They have normally been good before. I'll just have to hol,d out for a few days and try again, that is if I'm not just late because of stress.
How late are you for AF?
Maybe that is the case honey? Either stress making u late or too early to test with tesco! The ebay ones are 10 miu, so maybe the tesco ones are 25 miu and arent as sensitive. its rare to get a false pos even with the cheapies. Hang out for a few days. have u done another cheapie to see if its pos?
Just done another cheapie (using my first morning water) and there is still only a feint line.
Are your sure its not an evap line? have u got a cam so we can see a pic?
How long did u leave the test to read coz if its an evap line then it may only show up a few mins after. usually 10 mins
If u used ur 1st morning water, and put it in a cup, ur not supposed to leave it longer that 10-15 mins or it will be useless.
Is the line pink or grey? (pink if control line is pink) and is it as thick as the control line or is it a thin line?
sorry so many Qs but gotta be sure
If it's in a sterile pot and put in the fridge it's fine.
I leave the tests 5 minutes
hun i used ultra ones which measured 10 of the pregnancy hormone last month and month before off the internet and both months got faint lines which turned out to be false have said im not using them again hoping this is not the same for you xxx
I can't work out how to make my webcam focus sorry it's fuzzy

I can see it. It looks pink too. Id say thats a positive babe
I think it's a false but I'll see if I come on later this week or next week. If not I'll do another test. Won't be buying cheepies anymore :evil:

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