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  • Hello petal, how lovely to see your message. I have been having a bit of a break from everything, how are you doing? x
    Oh wow that's great I've got everything crossed for you that it's there. I've never ever had a glimmer of a second line, if I got one I probably wouldn't believe it xx
    Nope I changed my mind I'm gonna test on Wednesday I think af is due Thursday so it would be ok to test then and my friend is taking me out for a cocktail if it's negative. What about you have you held off?
    I think I might test on Sunday as well, I wasn't going to test until af was late but I've got loads of tests stacking up now so won't hurt, I think my ovulating day was between Friday and Sunday not sure though x
    Well I'm nearing one week up have to say this first week has flown in the next will drag I'm sure.
    Oh no I've drove myself mad with Google, one month I had every symptom under the sun, but it was just a cruel trick. X
    Read ur comment n realised ur west midlands me too though not originally where abouts are you hun we are bout 10 mins from birmingham centre x
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