Tesco HPT says BFN

Looks like a great big bfp to me. My first bfp's came out transparent - no colour at all and took a week to show up on anything other than the ebay ones.
A couple of the others came out transparent too.
It's just a little odd, with Damien I had an majorly clear BFP 2 days after I was due on. This time I was due on days ago and nothing proper conclusive yet.
You might be ovulating later?

I got a BFP 2-3 days before I was due with Ella, don't know how it will be with my next pregnancy but I am sure that I ov later now.
I was reading in the symptoms board about another member who didn't get their BFP until 2 weeks after she was due. You've got your BFPs on the cheapies which I am sure are right as you've got lots!

Do you have any symptoms?
Boobs are bigger and I've craved fried egg with toast soldiers (I hate fried/boiled/poached eggs) but it could be nothing, and the boobs could be AF ? I didn't really have any with Damien till I was 5 weeks when I started throwing up all the time.
sami hun dont worry the tesco ones are probably just not sensitive enough to pick it up yet thats a really good line you got there im sure if you test again in a few days time with a tesco one you will get a bfp xxxx
Just remember every pregnancy is different and you may get the same as 1st baby but 2nd may be TOTALLY different.
My mum had no symptoms but being sick slightly in 1st trimester with my older sis and an easy birth, and with me she broke blood vessels in eyes coz of being sick heavily one day and had awful birth (no waters so mega dry birth :shock: )
So theres still hope babe :hug:
I'm trying to remember how soon I got a BFP with the 3 I lost, I think one was when I was about a week late? Was a couple of years ago though so I may not be remembering right.

Dry birth, ouch. :shock:
Yeah, she thought she was dying!! She still throws it in my face!! Like i could have helped!!??!!
All thru Jaycees birth she was like..'mine was worse' and 'if u think this is bad imagine how mine was!' Ive never sworn so much at my mother as i did that day! And she noticed a new tattoo on my thigh she hadnt seen yet and said 'when did you get that done??!!' as i was pushing and i was like.. 'MUM, THIS AINT THE FUCKING TIME LUV!'
:x :x :x :lol:
:rotfl: @ Jaycee

My mum was induced with all 3 of us. I've still got the text she sent to me an 1.15hrs before Ella was born saying 'are you sure you don't want me to come around for a bit?', I rang her back and couldn't get her off the bloody phone through contractions and all :lol:

Often wonder what would have happened if I had waited at home and she'd popped round - think I would have had Ella at home for sure!
My mum was induced with me and sister too, she was 2weeks late with both,
They tried breaking her waters with me and the membrane was so tough it wouldnt break...by this time they were hacking at the thing and when it did open, no water! Ouch!! :shock:
Just test again in a couple of days Sami, it really does sound like you don't have enough hormone for the high street brands hun, but defo looks like a Positive babe!...... :hug: xx
Sami even through all that fog, that's one heck of a pink line! As everyone has said, test again in a few days, it's all you can do really. Sending you lots of babydust xx
Yeah she's fine Rach :lol:

Will leave her to let you all know though xxx
:? hmmmmm that sounds cagey cmon sami where are you stop hiding :( xxxxxxxx
Sami... i got BFP on CB this morning, then BFN with tescos' HPT....
I think they just pretend that they're that sensative!!
Am still looking at a certain line on CB?!

I ham confused!!!

hope you're ok


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