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  • Hello kezzi :) I'm ok plodding on as ya do :-/ sick of beeing in the ttc section now so many have moved on and I do feel quite alone sometimes in there most the long termers have either got there bfps or have left the forum for breaks and what not , how are u doing ???
    Well shug u neva know missy! Me n OH didnt BD on ov day this last time n i thawt i was out.
    FX for u hun i really wana c u get ur bfp u really deserve it. Xxx
    Yeah just the monitor, no box or anything tho. I well can't complain for a tenner lol

    awww bloody hell ur body is messing with u this month aint it,my friends cycle was 44 days last month she thought she had mised her surge as was in hospital with her little girl 2 days on wat she thought was ov days but her af never came and neg test so she had ewcm on day 32 so did a cb digi n gotn a smiley face and she also got her bfp aswel how lucky she did that cb digi that day hey,gd luck hope ur ov days turn up v soon for u xxx
    no no + opk, got some ewcm on thurs and friday but no + opk....just gonna wait now to see if af shows up.
    hiya yes i did :) wasnt much to see as i had an abdominal scan but cos could see a little baba n heartbeat we opted not to have the internal as it was only realy for a better pici,i put pici in my post about going for scan xx how u feeling ? u got ur + opk yet this month xx
    hey aww sorry ur having chew with them bloody opks grrr maybe get sum smiley face ones if u havnt alrady heard they are pretty gd, i have stuck a pici on my scan tomoro post hehe all was well seen a tiny baba with a lovely heartbeat am well chuffed hehe xx
    ohhhh early scan! I hope all goes well. I have been on, just having problems with my opks but I'll get over it. I hope they give you a piccie!! please post it if they do! eeeek I am excited for you!!
    hiya am ok thnx my lovely :) excited and scared for tomoros scan i feel sick with the thought and i think i may go into a panic while am sat waiting eeekkk but one gd thing is its not the same hossy i went to last yr for my scan to confirm the mmc im quite glad about that :), how are you doing ? dont see u much about the forum i do look for ur updates hehe im hoping u get ur bfp real soon xxx
    I just saw your pic!!! I love it I'm so happy for you hun!! I pray its a sticky bean!!! yeah no af and still bfn oh well just wasn't my month...
    aww hi i just seen this sorry i did yes i got a 2-3 yey im well shocked i can tell ya i realy thought i was out this month for sure eekkk just goes to show tho dont it u just donnot know, and thank you :) how are u doing i seen u got a bfn but still no af? fc u get ur bfp i have everything crossed for u xxxx
    Jojo did you take a digi?!! Super excited for you hun!!! Let us know how you're coming along.....
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