Tesco HPT says BFN

Good Luck from me too :D

Come on I am dying to know what you have to say!!! xx

Where are you hun are you ok?
hope to hear from you soon.
xxx Katrina
Sami I only just saw this babe

I also got BFN with a tesco after my BFP on a cheapie! That was when I was preg with Brody!
I can see a faint line!

hope you have confermed it more now, let us know so i can say congrats!

BFN on a Clearblue this afternoon. If I was pg I think it would be showing by now. I'm releived I think, it would not have been good timing. DF is releived too. Sorry to get you all excited for nothing :oops:
Still time for it to show up, but if it's not what you want then maybe for the best?? :?

Gawd you had us in suspenders Sami!!! :D
LOL !! We'll see. I thought I was - walking round Tesco this evening and I felt sick as a dog, just like i did with Damien, but got home, did a CB and it is neg. Ho hum!
Sami, aren't you best to do the test first thing in the morning? I always thought that it's more likely to be BFN if done in the afternoon.

Just a thought! :D
Emilia xx
As MSN "You pleb" :rotfl:

Morning would be best! Can't help it though can you! You need a peestickoholic membership card :rotfl:
Sami I agree that mornings would be better to test given the fact it is still quite early........and the fact that you felt as sick as a dog round tesco's, that BFN is not very convincing at the mo hun! :hug: xx
OMG :shakehead: Thats you & Rach who have had the same problem! I think I will pass on using them in the future :? Are they the 10 or 25 miu ones you used Sami?

:hug: to you, thats a head wreck x
Both babe in the cheapies. I've used Tesco and Clearblue yesterday and today.

Stupid things. Releived though so I'm okie - where is this bloomin AF :roll:
Yer that bits a bit confusing :? Maybe just not enough HCG although my CBs usually give me a think line when I only have HCG :?

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