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Telling the headteacher today!


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Mar 3, 2007
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In about 15 minutes I am telling the headteacher of the school I am at that I am pregnant!

I have told some other people and got a good reaction but I am still scared.

I've had a lot to sort out as I am a probationer teacher and have to do my year but that all got sorted yesterday so I know what is going to happen regarding it all and I don't have to worry as much.
Good luck!!

It'll be fine. Let us know how you get on.
All done!

He didn't say much but at least he knows now
aww glad you managed to tell him hun
men genrelly dont say much when you tell them :)
manda xx
Thats good then.

I never had to tell my headteacher just my line manager, I've only seen the head for Risk assessments.
Aww glad it went well xx

When I first read this thread I thought you were a pupil at the school :lol: silly me....
No not a pupil :lol:

No men don't normally say anything - he did say congratulations which I'm not used to hearing.
Well done for telling him - do you have a small bump? How have you managed to keep it secret so long?!

Sounds like he reacted better than mine did - the first thing he said was "Sorry about the crap maternity pay" rather than "congratulations" - hmm men.
I don't get maternity pay so he didn't really say anything about that.

I don't have a bump at all tbh - but something is coming :lol:

I have lost so much weight from being sick
Glad the meeting went ok, shame about maternity pay thoughx
Oh its ok - I knew I wouldn't get any from them as I only started in Aug. I'll get SMP though

I'll just have to save

More people know now - bet I wake up with a bump tomorrow :lol:
i thought you had done that already... shows how much i know :lol:
Bee - have you been working up until now? Just wondering cos I'm a teacher too and was doing supply during my pregnancy so I wasn't eligible for any SMP but could claim Maternity Allowance from the job centre.
Bee - I've been at my school nearly 2 years and I still only get SMP. It sucks!
Glad it went well Bee. :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

I only get SMP too so we can all feel hard done by together :D
I have alrwady done some reaearch and I will get SMP - I was working wh9ile I was a student but my mum had a look about SMP for me.

It will be hard but I'll be fine

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