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  • I can't wait until I'm in tri 2! I think I'm 5 weeks hun. I was using a phone app and seeing an acu that both say 5. Either that of 4 something!

    Gosh it seems like a lifetime ago to me but overall i have enjoyed being pregnant :) Once the first tri is over it gets much nicer and its suprising how lovely people are - i get stopped everywhere i go now by strangers wishing me good luck! How many weeks are you? x
    Ah thanks hun! I hope the first few months go quickly!! It seems like only yesterday when you got your BFP! xxx
    Amazing!!! Awww hun so happy for you!! :)

    Hope you have a fab 9 months and message me if you want any advice on anything! I feel like a pregnancy expert now lol! xx
    Hey love. Got my bfp yest can you believe it? Just as you're about to pop! Lol. Will look out for your birth story. xx
    hey hun,

    just to let you know that i'm thinking of you - not long to go now!
    hope all goes well and look forward to hearing your happy news :)

    laura x
    Errr... i was pretty constant really, i dont think it increased a lot until about 3-4 days after OV and its just lessening a bit now x
    Hiya :) I was just wondering - with your increased ewcm with your BFP... Was it constant from OV or just when AF was due? xx

    testing day today??? let me know how you get on! as long as the witch doesnt get you though youre still in so even if its a bfn theres still hope!

    I went to the doctors this morning and they confirmed i am 4 weeks. It still hasnt sunk in though and the hormones are making me feel really irritable so my OH just cant say the right thing atm!! lol

    I've just noticed your reply lol. Never written one of these before, hope I'm replying right!

    I think tomorrow should be my testing day. I've had a counting session today and think I've been 31 days both months. Didnt realise it was that long! I came off pill in June but we started trying in July, so this is our second month. I am hoping hoping hoping, but don't think its going to happen. I'm not sure if I feel pg now...after all my "symptoms" lol.

    I'm so so pleased for you. Must be the best feeling ever. You'll never forget this day :) and now you know your symptoms were/are real! When are you going to tell parents etc?? Hope tomorrow goes well at Docs. Keep me posted and take care.

    Hey lucky lady! What type of miu were your ebay tests? I'm wondering if I should buy some more tests. Think the witch might get me though! I'm so pleased for you :) Make sure you keep in touch with the ttc section! xxx
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