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  • I know what you mean! I am genuinely both excited and terrified about what lies ahead. But definitely don't want my LO as an only one, as I was. Good luck with ttc, when are you starting ? I have decided to bite the bullet so to speak and go for it ! x
    I thought I may be pg this month as was really late but it wasn't to be. Def made me think about ttc though. How's ur not so little one doing? Can't believe they are starting school this year!! Good luck with the ttc and I may be joining you soon x X
    Yeah! I wondered where u lived, i read in a thread somewhere u are on the border not far from Chester. xx
    Bet you can't, i'm so excited now! -.- feel's like i only found out i were pregnant yesterday but the last month drags dya not think?
    because the hospital said with my iron levels being so low it is dangerous for me to go into labour because i will loose over half a litre of blood , I had my iron infusion on Wednesday anyway so im all better now just waiting for baby to come :D xxx
    I have moved home. and havent had internet installed yet.. and yes bump is behaving not moving as much now though, getting really sick of being pregnant, I am in hospital on Wednesday for a blood transfusion to get my iron levels up to 11 :( scared but apart from that im fine, anyway enough about me how are you? x
    Hey kelly how u doin??? Thort id drop u msg to catch up hope ur b 38wks on tues lol followin tues is c section unless lil one decides to com early..scary yet cant wait now. Hope it goes well this time. Will kp u postd how u doing? Xx
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