Suspected Ectopic Pregnancy? Or just the wrong dates!?


Sep 4, 2010
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Would love to make this story short but sure I can. Here goes- On the 25/07 I had my last complete period so when the 26/08 came along and no AF I took a test. It was positive and the doctor confirmed it. Although my HCG levels were really low, 14.9, but that day I had some bleeding so the doctor asked me to have another blood test a week later to confirm or rule out a miscarriage. The bleeding lasted 3 days but was not heavy and there was no pain. The next test (on 2/09)was not that encouraging with a very small increase of 15.6. So it was taken that the conception was not viable but a week later (8/09) my next blood test showed a HCG level of 95.4!!!!!
So I was booked in to see a specialist, which I did yesterday (13/09) He said that he could not see anything in the uterus when he did the sonographic scan but the urine sample I did was a BFP. So he had another look and still nothing. He said maybe I am having an ectopic pregnancy but he could not be sure.
I am not in any pain and have not had any bleeding. He is really confused and therefore am I!
Is it possibly that this is another pregnancy that is too soon to show up on the scans, or am I just trying to convince myself.
I am booked in to see him again Friday. I am really not sure what I should be asking him and what can be done to confirm or rule out an ectopic pregnancy!
I am so confused! :confused:
Your hcg levels rising is a good sign but im not sure about not seeing anything on the scan! Hope someone else can help you and goodluck x x
I had a look on google, you may have already yourself, hope the belpow info may help Hun

Fingers crossed something more positive can be seen on Friday, and look out for pain etc as per below just incase. Depending on your cycle length, I guess your at 7 weeks pregnant, and I think they should see something at the stage to be very honest - have every thing crossed for you X

Signs and Symptoms

Ectopic pregnancy can be difficult to diagnose because symptoms often mirror those of a normal early pregnancy. These can include missed periods, breast tenderness, nausea, vomiting, or frequent urination.
The first warning signs of an ectopic pregnancy are often pain or vaginal bleeding. You might feel pain in your pelvis, abdomen, or, in extreme cases, even your shoulder or neck (if blood from a ruptured ectopic pregnancy builds up and irritates certain nerves). Most women describe the pain as sharp and stabbing. It may concentrate on one side of the pelvis and come and go or vary in intensity.
Any of the following additional symptoms can also suggest an ectopic pregnancy:

  • vaginal spotting
  • dizziness or fainting (caused by blood loss)
  • low blood pressure (also caused by blood loss)
  • lower back pain
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Hi hun, at the beginning of my pregnancy I had a lot of pain and went to be seen at maternity.. I was given an internal scan and nothing was found, I was sent away and told to come back if I had any bleeding/pain but it was likely I was having a ectopic pregnancy.. The next day I went back with a huge amount of pain, they scanned me again, and a small empty sac was found.. Again I was sent away and told it wasn't looking good, asked me to come back a week later (and straight away if any pain/bleeding).. I went back a week later and seen a little 3.4mm blob and a heartbeat.. Don't give up hope as I was in your position at one point too :hug: the best of luck and I hope everything goes well xxxx
Thank you everyone for your replies. Just a waiting game now x x x
this can be a tough and confusing one, i know docs like to see hormone levels double and triple in the space of 48 hours apparently thats the sign of a healthy pregnancy, i went thro a simular experience to u but mine did unfortunatly end in a mmiscarrige, i dont want tto put the wiggies up u or anythin everythin could be absolutly fine with u and it could be too early to see the baby on a scan.

2 weeks after i found out i was pregnant i started to bleed, it wasnt heavy, i was told it could be an implantation bleed, i had no pain, the bleedin was on and off and i pretty much begged for a scan and they wouldnt give me one, then the bleeding got worse and i just marched myself to the hospital and demanded a scan or somethin, they eventually did a blood test to test the hormone level and 2 days later i went back for another plus a scan, they couldnt see anythin on the scan but put it down to me bein too early and so i waited or the second blood result, my hormone levels hadnt doubled as they would have liked but they had increased, i went for another scan a couple of days later and they still couldnt find anythin and they couldnt find anythin in my tubes, in a way at that point i was relieved cos i thought that was an ectopic crossed out, i still put it down to bein too early. then a few days later on fathers day the bleeding got heavier but no clotting altho i wasnt experiencing any pain, just a strange twinge at one side which id had on and off, this was a sunday so i thought id wait til the following morning before going to the EPU. When i got up that mornin i went to the bathroom and on the way i just gushed out a pile of blood(sorry for tmi) i was convinced then somethin was seriously wrong and when i got to the hospital the doctor told me from previous bood tests the pregnancy wasnt viable and i had another scan and still nothin was there and nothin in the tubes so they thought i was goin thro a PUL pregnancy(pregnancy of unknown locaton) i was in bits. I had to have a shot of methotrexate to basically dissolve the baby away, the baby was somewhere just not where it was suppose to be but its simular to an ectopic. As i say dont want to scare u or anythin this is a rare pregnancy type and i hope all is ok for u and its nothin to worry about
I just went thru an ectopic pregnancy .. I had what they thought was a M/C at 4wks .. with bleeding ect, levels started falling. Then 4 weeks after that, I started bleeding heavy again (I never really stopped bleeding, but had spotted for that 4 weeks) .. went back .. my levels were over 500, did a scan, nothing in the womb .. had a big cyst on my ovary and the pregnancy was ectopic. I had absolutely no symptoms apart from the bleeding till later that night (extreme pain and such)

Please make sure they do closely monitor your levels .. I ended up loosing my tube because someone dropped the ball on calling me back for blood tests to watch my levels fall below 5.

I really hope this has an happy outcome for you :hugs:

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