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Ectopic ?


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Jan 24, 2012
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Hi girls, I am after a bit of advice from anyone who's had an ectopic? I was supposed to be nearly six weeks pregnant and went in for a scan yesterday as my hcg levels were not doubling like they should and I have had two miscarriages already this year. They did a scan and found NOTHING in my uterus at all and no signs of pregnancy, my lining was only 4mm thick so they are presuming I have an ectopic but that can't be confirmed on the scan either as everything looks normal apparently. I'm waiting for blood results but am wondering if anyone else has had the same experience and what happens next? I'm so gutted this has happened for the third time :-(
I had this not long ago, went in for a 6 week scan due to previous mc and I had been spotting they found nothing on the scan apart from a small cyst and a small amount of blood. They said it was pul (pregnancy of unknown location) and asked me to go back a week later incase I hate my dates wrong and pregnancy for just to early to see anything. Sadly I started bleeding heavy and mc a few days later. Is there any chance your dates could be wrong? Sorry you are going through this.

Im sorry I dont know the answer to this but just wanted to send my love xx
I have not had an ectopic , just a MMC , but sending you a hug today - hope some other ladies can help more with the details for you, let us know how you get on X
I've not had this but it could be an empty sac if there is nothing there at 6 weeks...but I dont know, my uterus was empty and the wrong shape on the scan. Sorry you are having another mc :hugs:
Really sorry for your loss! I had a natural mc not an ectopic so don't have great insight into it but all I know is make sure your completely checked out at the hospital and take care of yourself! Xxx
Thanks for your replies :). There's no way my dates are wrong. They diagnosed me too with pregnancy in unknown location. They said my uterus appears totally normal there's no signs of any pregnancy at all and told me that my lining was only 4mm thin. Not sure what that means but she said that showed that there is definately no viable pregnancy. I have to go back tomor for more blood work and if hcg has gone up more then have treatment for the ectopic :-( I don't understand why this keeps happening to me. I'm pretty sure i have something wrong with me. Has anyone ever had three miscarriages and then had a successful pregnancy? I feel like its just never going to happen. This has all happened this year my first was December second February and now This ectopic. I don't know whether to just stop trying now. Everyone says I should wait but I don't want to I've been trying for years as it is. Sorry for the rant .... Sorry for you girls that have had miscarriages too. It's a horrible thing to go through. Every time I get a positive test now I feel like I can't be happy coz I'm too scared its going to end Like this and so far it has every time. Xxx
I'm in the same boat chicken had 3 m/c and an ectopic my last m/c was last week but I'm not going to stop till we get our baby one day we will have our dream! So sorry you are going through an ectopic x
Thanks Hun. Sorry to hear about ur losses... It's such a horrible thing to have to keep going through but I don't want to give up either. Have they offered you tests? I had one depo injection which should of worn off dec 2009 but I am so sure it's this that has caused my problems. Ever since that injection I feel like my body has been all over the place.. It's been non stop problems and now two miscarriages and one ectopic. I want tests now to find out what's going on so am going total my go for a refferal x
Not been for any tests but will hopefully get referred next week! It's so frustrating I'm really getting fed up! I know it will happen and I'm not giving up x
I've also had a pregnancy of unknown location, I started bleeding around 6 weeks last January but luckily I needed no further treatment
good luck love x

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