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May 25, 2010
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Hi all

I hope i am posting this in the right section.....

I have been told today that my levels haven't risen enough, they are worried it is Ectopic.

They were 1453 on Friday and 1700 today, i am going back on Tuesday for another scan as they have gone up and more blood tests.

As anyone else been through this and all was ok? or been through early found ectopic.

I'm so frightened after MMC in May 2010 and now this. Can't take much more :wall2:

Nicki x
I havnt been through this hunny but wanted to send you massive :hugs:

My fingers and toes are crossed that you get some good news and all is ok :fx: x x

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havent been thru this either but just wanted to send u hugs xxx
Oh my goodness hun, I wish I knew what to say :( Big hugs to you, try to stay positive and keep us updated if you feel up to it xx
no experience so sorry, thinking of u xx
Oh I'm sorry for what you're going through, the uncertainty is just awful. Thinking of you xx

They have gone from 1700 to 2200. Scan still showed nothing!! x
aww hun! what does that mean? hope you are ok

Sending you a big hug. x x x
not been through this but sending my love and support hugs x
just wanted to send you big hugs!!!!
Hi guys

Bad new.....i'm home from Hospital, it was ectopic. The consultant found it straight away on my scan, i was admitted straight away as it had ruptured.....i went down to theatre at midnight wed night and they removed my right tube, they checked the left one also, thankfuly is fine. They said its better to take it away to prevent it happening again that side.

Im doing ok, feel down as we have lost another baby now too, but releaved it was found early. Signed off for 2 weeks and we are going to take a break from TTC for a couple of months, get healthy again and see how it goes. I think i must have just been unlucky with this baby lark!! its only been 6 months since they all saw me in that ward, most of them recognised me!

Thank you for all ur wishes.

Nicki xxx
Im so sorry hunny, massive :hugs:
Take care of yourself x x

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Really sorry hun sending you lots of :hugs:
Really sorry hun its so unfair, sending you big hugs xxx

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