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  • Thanks hun! I didn't stay for the meeting because Ella's got a bad cold so was really unsettled and it was mega busy so would take ages. I just need to plan plan plan. Going away this wknd too so hopefully I will stick to it. I think I need to not weigh myself too, it will probably make me stick to it more. Ah good luck tomorrow!!! Let me know how you get on! And thanks for your support hun! Xxx
    Hey hun, just came on here to send you a message. I've lost 2lb which I'm happy with because I've not followed it properly. I'm going to really try this week! Have you had your weigh in? Xxx
    I'm hoping our landlords will be like that too, I am very much of the European school of thought on renting (ie. that it's not "throwing away money" to paint/make improvements). I still haven't made much headway on the doggy stench though :-|

    It's such a lovely house, will be great when we have a guest bed and do the guest room nicely.

    We've still got a few big things to do; my Fiancé only started buying his clothes this evening and we need measurements for the kids clothing.
    Yeah, really well (in a house as nice as mine it's hard not to!). We have a list of things we want to work on slowly here in the next 6 months; things like get a guest bed, a desk, a dining table, paint two of the rooms because the paintwork is beyond damaged.

    I've had to take it easy this week as I have another infection - I'm like a magnet for them atm!
    Yeah, they're anti-depressants, half the flippin' country is on them these days!
    She's not sleeping all night yet, but she does sleep between 3-5 hours at a time, so it's not horrendous or anything.
    Time has already flown by so fast - she'll be 3months soon, and in a month or two she's be able to start on little bits of baby rice and purees! She 's in 3-6 month clothes already, and her legs are so long that it's hard to find sleepsuits that find - leggings win out here!
    We're back in NI for a few weeks sometime in May, in Lisburn. Where d'ya think would be best to meet up? x
    Aww Thanks :)
    We're doing really well - a fair few arguments, and we're both on medication (!) but it's actually all going so so well!
    I'm really enjoying being a Mum soooo much!!!
    Glad you and Odhrán are doing well! xx
    Ahh I forgot to msg you back! I haven't got a measuring tape, I thought I did but my daddy must have took it, the only averages I can come up with until I get one is my bra size would be 34-36 at the back, and the biggest part of my hips would be 12-14, I'm 5"9 and it came down my thigh a right bit too, if you can think of something for me to measure with msg me! x
    Hi hun,
    Just wondering if ur still wantin to sell the gold river island dress, im really interested, just wana chec i can squeeze my post baby wobble in it, lol
    Hope you don't mind me adding you =] Just I'm from the Lisburn area, and don't know anyone yet!
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