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  • Thats ok hon, yes 31st is my due date, physically i feel like weve got everything really but mentally is another story!!

    I dont handle pain well (if at all) so am very worried about labour now but im sure once its over and ive recovered itll be a distant memory.

    How are you feeling about it all? Are you uncomfortable? Im struggling to get out of the bath and out of chairs now hehe and insomnia has re-occurred again this week for me. Xx
    Hi JJ Mum, I've just happened to notice, are you due 31st October? I am too if thats the case!! How you feeling? I'm a little scared as this is my first... lol. Not long to go! x
    hiya jj hope you had a good hol and relaxed a bit. Sorry to hear about last cycle. What is the next step now? hope your still upbeat about it all :) xxxxxxx
    hiya hows things going regarding your tube reversal? not seen any posts recently. x
    Hey you, how're things with you and the kiddies?
    Especially your gorgeous Devon :] xx
    Hi hun, i did add you as a friend on Facebook but wasn't sure if you knew it was me. I'm Emma Sutton on there. xx
    hello hun how are you and how is your lil bump im so exicted to find out im having a girl awww my first baby and its a girl hehe well shes a wriggler alright but since bein preganat i have a feeling she is gonna come early perhaps late december ive had the feeling for ages x hehe anyway hope your well x

    p.s how did u know i was gonna be team pink x
    Hi hunni, thanks for your message to see how I am. Im ok thanks. 20 weeks pregnant now. How are you? xxx
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