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I am so sorry to hear this. Only just seen it too. Hugs. It's not fair xxxx
Sorry to hear this hun

Hope your ok

Best of luck for the future! xxx
I am new to this forum but want to offer u some comfort in the fact that u r not alone.
I had an ectopic pregnancy in Sept 2010 which ended the same sad way that urs did. I too had a rupture & right tube removed.
We started TTC again in November (after waiting the 2 months they advise) & so far this month I am a week late for my period & alot of early pregnancy symptoms but negative hpt's???
Don't know what 2 think???
I didn't know I was pregnant back in Sept.... only went to a&e because I had severe pains in my right leg n that's when they did a pregnancy test... the rest is history... didn't have any missed periods or pregnancy symptoms...
If you have any questions u want 2 ask me, I will try 2 answer as best I can x x x
Big, big hugs 2 u x x

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