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Ectopic Pregnancy?


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Oct 1, 2007
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My doctors are currently querying ectopic pregnancy with me... bleeding and hormone levels only went up from 4,132 to 4,700 in 2 days.

Has anyone else ever had this without it being ectopic? or if you had ectopic what were your experiences? ....sorry, i just feel the need to know more about it and reading medical accounts on internet just panics me more and then i start feeling like phantom pains...

Lynne x
I don't know anything about it hun but just wanted to send you hugs :hug:

Did they say why they are querying this? Have they scaned you and not found anything?

was scanned on wednesday as brown spotting i was having turned to red with cramps... could see nothing on external or internal scan. They took bloods & made me wait for results on same day (think it might have something to do with my mum working with consultant) and levels were 4,132... seemingly they *should* be able to see something by time hormones are over 1,500.

As I'm still bleeding and hormones didn't jump much in the 48 hours, they're "very suspicious" of an ectopic. They almost made me stay in hospital to have a laparoscopy on friday - finally examined me, as no pain i was allowed to go home till monday when I'll be rescanned & more bloods. Just scared. Sounds stupid but just wish I could go back to work!

Hmmm just be open, maybe its an early pregg.

i know with ectopic you would be in alot of pain because of where it is situated...

I wish you the best for your appointment will be interesting to see what they have to say or what they find...

am now going into hospital tomorrow at 10am... consultant my mum works with has looked at my notes & wants to see me himself - if necessary he will operate tomorrow too.

Apparently there was a problem with bed spaces on friday... sounds good huh? lol... I gotta laugh or I'll cry.

:hug: :hug:

Will be thinking of you tomorrow hun, its good that they will be looking into it for you

I'm really sorry to hear this. I've had an ectopic myself with exactly what you are describing, brown to red spotting and cramps, hormone levels not doubling every 48 hours and cramping with no evidence of pregnancy on the scand internal or external. I f it is ectopic and you are less than 6 weeks pregnant they may be able to treat you with Methatrexate which will not require surgery and will preserve your tubes. I really hope this all works out for you hun. I'm praying for you.
Feel free to PM me if I can offer any help or support or you could also try the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust Forum which helped me a great deal :hug:
Thats gr8 news about your appointment!!

i wish you the best will you update us?

i'll be thinking of you love.

hey, I'm home & no op.

Traumatic visit to the hospital though - I had to go in through A & E to see first doctor who was expecting me between 10 -10:30am. A & E hadn't even heard of the Dr I needed to see, they didn't book me in, so we were waiting for an hour until finally this Dr enquired if I was there. So my name got called, my Mum had to go book me in cos they couldn't do anything without a booking in print-out and my partner and I got up to go through to the ward. Told by a very brusque nurse that my partner wasn't allowed to come through until I'd had my examination.

Got taken through to a partition where the curtains wouldn't close fully, told to change into a hospital gown and wait for the doctor to come in. I didn't know what the hell was going on, and got really teary - didn't want to be on my own! A student nurse came in to take obs, the blood pressure machine went mental bleeping and saying my bp was too high and my pulse went up to 120+ (talk about being worked up), my bloods were then taken, then finally the Dr I was meant to see in the first place came in and examined me. She said I'm clinically well, and said that she was going to admit me to a Gynae ward to ensure that I would have a bed if my hormone levels were still suggestive of ectopic. She was lovely and really helpful and she made someone go and get my partner so I woudln't have to wait alone.

Went up to ward, then just as a nurse was coming in to put my wristband on my Dr came up and told me my hormones have fallen by 400, so I could go home.

I feel a mixture of feelings, relieved because whatever is/was wrong is being resolved itself, sad for another loss, and terrified that I won't ever have a healthy baby. I know much of that is grief.

I'm just so glad to be home. I hate hospitals. Dr today was lovely, shame about the nurses! Back again on tuesday for more blood tests (I look like a junkie!)

Thank you for all your support, it means a lot

Sorry you had it hard at the hospital and so sorry for your loss :hug:

Those places are so difficult and it's so easy to feel vulnerable isn't it? The administrator told me on the phone that there was no space to wait for anyone on the ward while you have your D&C on Thursday but in fact when I got in there everyone else had someone with them and I had already told my Dad to go and I was almost in tears and had to sit there bricking it on my own for three hours until eventually they sent me for a scan and decided I didn't need an op anyway. Like you say I felt huge relief but then the grief for the loss kind of hit me as before that I'd been too busy worrying about what they were going to do to me to really think about it. The back of my hands are still bruised from last weekend where they put a line in and the Dr accidentally went through a vein so I look like a junkie too! My Dr was so nice that she kept making me cry because she had tears in her eyes. What a pants job they must have. A close friend of mine is a Dr and she did a year on a Gynae ward so I phoned her on Wednesday to get some info about what might happen etc and she said that she always used to take in two boxes of tissues in when she went to break bad news as she always ended up in tears too :( She's in A&E now as it's she says it's not so emotionally draining would you believe!

Anyway, sending you a huge :hug: . Don't give up hope hun
:hug: what a terrible weekend you have had, im really sorry for your loss :hug:
at least you didnt have to have the op, i cant beleive these stories of partners or family members not able to be with you for support, not that i would wish a loss on anyone but i wonder how they would feel if it were them in the situation, i suppose i have been lucky my hospital allows you to have someone with you for support, they really should have the same policy on this through all the nhs hospitals :x

Dont give up hope your day will come, i know its hard when you have losses b4 a healthy pregnancy, i had 2 m/c b4 i had my little girl and after the second loss i really thought i would never have kids.
take care

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