For Our Angel Babies this Christmas


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Aug 20, 2010
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Does heaven have a christmas tree for the little girls and boys, too far away for santas sleigh to reach with treats and toys? A tree that's hung with moonbeams, stars and real shining hair, forthe precious children who live in heavens care. And are you filled with wonder at its branches, all aglow, with the tears of those who miss you on this earth below. For we hope and pray you're playing with the angels having fun, but please don't forget we love you happy christmas my little angel! x x
:hug: merry Christmas my little angel :hug:

Merry Christmas mummy2adam.
Merry christmas my angel xxxx :love:

Thank you M2A and merry christmas
thats lovely. merry xmas to my 4 little angels xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I love it I hope my little angels know how much I love and miss them. Merry Christmas my angel babies xxxx
merry christmas baked bean....we got an angel for our tree and i say its baked bean up there watching down on mammy and daddy...

love you little one, hope you are safe and happy xx
Love you always little bean. Mummy has put you a new angel statue in your flower pot to say we always remember you. xxxxxxxxxxx
Al got me a pandora bracelet with an angel charm so I can have my angels with me always. X
I raised a glass to my lost little one's on Christmas day and I'll do the same on New Year's Eve

Thinkin of you my sleeping angels.
Espesh my lil twinnies who i lost this time last year.
Hope ur all playing nicely together on all those white fluffy clouds.
A day doesnt go by where i dont think about u all.

Harry xxx Lizzy/Adie xxx Ellie
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What a lovely thread ladies - Happy Xmas my little Angel Jones , I hung an Angel on the tree for you, so now we have a star and Angel on the top of our tree - miss you always XX
My three little angels, hope you liked your balloons! always in your mummy and daddy's hearts!! <3
Ahhh lovely thread...... love you so much my angel babies. Think about you each and every day, in my heart forever. xxxxxxxx

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