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  • Hi Leah, were doing great, thanks for asking after us!

    he has just turned 8 months this week, can you believe that... where did my little newborn go? How is little Linzie, bet she is not so little anymore? I love you avatar piccy, she has really grown up. Loving the school holidays having ended , so Devon and I can get back out to baby groups! My Son has only split his head open tonight , thats the second time! He is fine but oh the stress and worry at the time.. take care Jenni
    Hope you are both well regarding the medication, the arguments are normal hun especially with the little lady so young, is she sleeping all night? I found once Odhrán was things settled down a lot.. Before you know it she will be running riot like Odhrán it flys by so quickly, when are you back in NI? We have to arrange a meet up somewhere central x
    Hey hunni! I just noticed on my friends list that you had a new gorgeous photo of Linzi up yesterday and was wondering how you were doing, me and Odhrán are great how's things with your little family x x
    I'm fine chickadee, just super busy. Me and OH both working full time now and I still haven't figured out how to balance work, family and having a life yet lol.
    How are you keeping? Xx
    Yeah just went for a meal to a chinese, few drinks and then back to the house for midnight! U dont live there anymore i take it? xx
    Hey! Im there nearly every weekend! Oh used to live there and he has family that live there! Was there for new years too! xxx
    Ahhh thanks H thats really nice of you....soooo excited tho Im not sure i can contain myself till next week but I must as i havent told some family members yet but i cant wait to blurt it out!!! Yeyyyyyyyyyyy xxx
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