Angel of Christmas Story - for all you emotional wrecks ;0)

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Oct 27, 2008
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Went to my Mum's for dinner last night and she told us how she took my niece (14months) and Nephew (3years) to see Father Christmas (again) yesturday. These kids are complete angels :angel: so well behaved and never 'demand' anything and real credit to their Mum and Dad. (Welling up again here).

Anyway, my nephew got a Pirate from Father Christmas yesturday and was playing with it in the front room when they got back. My Dad (their Grandad) asked if he was ok and a little miffed he said:

"Well, I've been a good boy and I asked Father Christmas for a red bike with little wheels but he gave me this pirate"

Dad said he still wasn't complaining just a little confused because everyone told him if he was a good boy he might get bike from Father Christmas. Well, my heart broke! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Then I started imagining his little face when he gets his little red bike with little wheels on Christmas day and the real tears started! I'm even crying as I type this!

WHAT A LITTLE ANGEL! :cry: :cry:
awwww bless him what a darling :hug: :hug: :hug:

sophie give me the choclate out of her calendar yesterday cos it was my birthday :hug:
What a lovely little boy, he's going to be made up on xmas day-good job theres not long to wait
Aww id love to see his face when he opens his red bike :D
I know can you imagine his little face! :cry: :cry:

Thank god I'm not his Mum as I would have caved and given him his bike early to stop his dissapointment! God I'm so weak! :rotfl:

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