A christmas poem from me to you :)


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Oct 30, 2006
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I see the tree stood brilliantly,
Shining, covered in snow.
Each little flake a gift from up
where only angels go.

The moonlight soaks each branch in love,
Each needle in kindness and light.
Each breathe of wind shakes gently the tree
And the snow dances in my sight.

I wonder if each snowflake
Has a story or tale to tell
If there is one for each of us
And for every spirit that fell

One each for all the mothers,
And fathers who love their babes,
One each for every time their love
Chased nightmares and monsters away.

One each for every woman and man
Who yearns for a child to hold
One each for every cycle passed
To say it wont always be cold

One each for every mother who wept
For a babe that wasn't to be
One each sent down from angel babes
For thats what they were meant to be

One each for every friend who cares
For people they never met
One each for every time you take
The time to give your best

The snow it may not have fallen yet
But if you close your eyes
You'll see a snowflake just for you
Bringing kindness, love and light.

Happy Christmas :hug:
aww thats beautiful GGG, did you do that yourself? :hug:
Of course :)

Its been a while since I wrote anything properly though so a bit rusty :oops:
glitzyglamgirl said:
Of course :)

Its been a while since I wrote anything properly though so a bit rusty :oops:

:dance: Go you! I'd never be able to do that, my OH is good at them, on special occasions he writes me one and i love it! :hug:
Awww hun, that's really good. Do you still have your poetry site thingy? :D
Sammystar said:
:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

Love it. Will you put it on my poetry site?

I'd love to thank you :) PM me the link and I'll put it on there, ive got loads more if you want them too :lol:

Kaz....thanks babe :hug: The poetry site I used to use is a bit pants really but its a handy way to store them :lol:

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