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  • Hi HUnny just seen this sooo sorry for late reply. are u feeling less stressed and are you trying or just taking each day as it comes?
    i do know how you feel have been there myself Hunny, hows the doggies?
    we are fine had 4d scan today shes looking perfect xxx
    Thnx I know it only takes once but u just resign urself to naaaa it didn't happen lol anyways gd luck for ur results today hope ya hcg is doubling nicely :) and ur lil pup is Gawjus I got mine last yr this time and she made a whole big difference in my life made me smile again she has been a breath of fresh air for the whole house she is such a tinker she thinks she a cat am sure lays on bk of sofa goes for baubles on the tree arches her bk like a cat lol strange pooch hehe xxx
    Hi I'm fine thnx due to rest Friday but not much hope only dtd once on poss opk day lol so not very high chance but who knows I'm not realy bothered tho didn't try to hard so it's fine new yr new chances new hope :) how's things for u ? Fc for this little bean beeing a super sticky one :) xx
    Beyond nervous lol! So terrified its weird!! Will they be giving you an early scan? Hope they do:D bet your so excited!!
    I bet hun!! Got everything crossed for you!! So happy for you really am!! :D I'm ok getting fed up now its mega hard lol hav this to look forward to now ;p
    Bet it's hard but give it a bit of time :( I'd be like a lunatic mind saying that!! No idea if pink or blue! Got feeling its a boy but closer it gets to due date more I'm thinking girl! Very strange!
    I bet Hun :( just think they taking you seriously now isn't it :) due 19th jan but they seem to think I'll go early. U watch be two weeks over now lol. Is it your first month on it?
    That's awesome!! Glad they finally doing something to help you! Sure that sticky bean right around corner!! Got two weeks left thank god but really starting to struggle :(
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