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  • Hi Claire
    I'm back on PF as just found out I'm now pregnant with another! Just wanted to check in on how you are and it looks as though you are still a user here x
    yeah.....we did! hoping to be moved in by christmas....good news on the ttc front. :) xx
    I see you're in Cumbria too
    I noticed the la'al phrase before your location though! lol x

    Hope you dont mind me adding you too my friends list. I have found it a relief to talk to someone who is going through the same problem as me.

    Fingers crossed that things start looking up for us soon

    x x
    Hi hun hope you dont mind me messaging you, i rememer you mentioned on my thread you have got Strep b too like me, just wanted to ask how long you were taking the anti~b's for? Only asking cos you still seem to be suffering a hell of a lot im only just feeling normal ish and ive had 4 lots of them xx
    alright thank you. I am going to tenerife for 2 weeks. i am looking foward to it but just really scared about going. Is this normal? lol x
    hey i read your post and you had mentioned that you were on holiday, did you go while you were pregnant? I am only 5 weeks gone and due to go on holiday in 2 weeks. I am just really worried about going away incase anything goes rong. Also ive read so many things on the internet about not being in the sun for to long. I am just getting really worried about going and thinking of cancelling! do you hae any tips? x
    Hey lovey, :wave:
    still getting to grips with this site. Hehe Pete called me MoggyMac yesteray then rolled his eyes an started laughing hehe - he thinks I'm mad.
    You ok?
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