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  • Hi hun I was wondering if you could help me please? Thomas has dry skin on his tummy & legs & nothing seems to help. I'm going to cut down on baths (currently very other day) but I see you tried diprobase, did it work? I'm thinking of ordering some. Literally nothing else is helping x
    Me again! lol I know you have the Wonder Weeks book so I thought I'd pick your brain. I have the app but I'm sure it's not as detailed as the book. O is feeding more, sleeping a lot less (last night's sleep was only 6 hours). I thought in leaps they fed more & slept more?
    When you log James' bottles do you write the time he started the bottle or the time he finished it?
    I know you're a "logger" too. Do you remember how many oz your wee man was taking, how many feeds in 24 hours & how far apart the feeds were?
    Heyyyyy missy!!! :)
    Fantastic to see ur little puddin in the world he is gorgeous!
    How have u been? xxxx
    hey carnat i can remember u from last year, we were both ttc together, u had a hard time back then and i can remember you were being referred, and now look at u?! congrats huni!!!! xxxx
    Bless you Doddles - lovey to see you! I'll pop over to GR and see how you are doing

    Not yet hun! Not until 24th Sept. There is nothing wrong though - everyone at my hospital gets a 32-34w scan so I am very excited to see bub again! xx
    Hi, I have just found your post from sept 2011 when you were pg after a MC. Just wondering how it turned out for you? I had a mc last week and want to conceive again but am petrified that it will all go wrong second time around too.
    Hannah x
    Sorry hun, I cannot find that thread for the life of me. It was a poster called Kazza I think?? But when I searched I couldn't find it, I also searched "baby list" as well?
    Hi Carnat, there was a list of what to pack in a hospital bag, a very thorough one, did you remember the thread? A lady on Tri 3 is asking about what to pack and it was a brilliant list.
    Cyprus was fab thanx u hunny bunch.
    Just the relaxing holibub we needed!!
    Hoping maybeeee this next month to TTC agen. But eeeek its a little bit scary after having time off lol.
    So happy for u! x
    Awww bless ya hun! How was Cyprus?

    Bump is coming along nicely actually, although I look like I've had one too many cream cakes :)

    I hope you aren't WTT too much longer sweetie

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