Airport story x

*bump* to maybe help those with recent losses, :hug: girls xx
*bump* for those who need this always chokes me up to read it
omg! i am speechless! what a lovely story, it made me feel happy that all these babies have the support of the others just like we all do on here! its amazing!! its like a pf up in heaven for all these long awaited babies :)

It's been over year now since I lost my baby and this story always comforts me

Thought I'd bring it up to the top for anyone that needs a pickup xx

:whistle: fapatalking :whistle:
Oh my days, what a beautiful story, in floods of tears but in a nice way xxx for my angel babies, my lads here and the jellytot on the way <3 also for all those out there who are trying for their precious bundles xxxx love to you all xxxx
It's lovely isnt it really gives me comfort

:whistle: fapatalking :whistle:
That's lovely. I had to stop reading twice as I was sobbing! What a lovely story x
I am sitting here in work and everyone is wondering wot on earth is wrong! :) THANKYOU! THANKYOU! THANKYOU!!! It is wonderful! XXX
Sitting in my car with big tears streaming down my face! x
Had a good cry over this. What a sweet story! Thanks for bumping xx
Really helps you get it all out doesn't it x

:whistle: fapatalking :whistle:
What a beautiful story.
My husband read this and refers to it every month we are unsuccessful in getting our BFP. He keep saying our little one is just shopping in duty free and his flight isn't ready to take off yet but he will get here soon. Bless him.

Michelle x
Bump x hugs for you ladies in here its always sad to see a new face xx you always will be a mummy to your angel though x

:whistle: fapatalking :whistle:
I know this was posted years ago but thank you so much for taking the time to type it all and to share it with us. Such a beautiful story, brought tears to my eyes
X x
And thank so much netty for Bumping it up for us x x
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