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Oct 17, 2010
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Its only been 2 1/2 months since my little boy passed away. Im missing him SOO MUCH. My heart achs for him and i know ill never get to be a mammy to him. Me & OH have been talking about giving him a little brother or sister. We dont want to try its more if it happens it happens because i dont want to be getting my hopes up every month and be dissapointed. I dont want to get pregnant in january because thats when i got pregnant with david. Id like to start around march. Im NOT trying to replace him because nobody could replace the love i have for my little angel. What do use ladies think? Is it to soon?
Ive been to a medium friday and my OH's mam is in spirit and came back to us to say she has our lil boy and he didnt want to live the life he had of if he survived( he would of been blind, deaf, and having mental ******ation) . He didnt want us caring for him when he was 20 and the rest of his life. She said we'll have a healthy baby girl next year but im not couting on that. i will worry throughout my pregnancy and until i have a heathy baby in my arms thats when il breath a sigh of relief. I feel abit of comfort knowing he's with his nanny.. xx
hi firstly sorry for your loss 'hugs',
my baby girl was stillborn 3wks ago & i miss her more than anything :(. i think that it is fine to ttc again when u & ur OH feel ready, i dont think anyone can say when it will b the right time u'll just know. No one will think that u r trying to replace your angel so just follow your feelings xxx
Exactly what p1nk said hunni ^^^

Only you and your OH know when it feels right. I have been thinking of TTC again but not until my body is healed after the section and I have got all test results back. We are probably going to WTT for 12 months and get my body back to tip top condition. I may feel differently a few months down the lone but for me I know I have to give my body a chance to recover. I think if I would of had a normal delivery I would probably try sooner but at the moment it's just not for me. Don't get me wrong I want another LO desperately but I think I need enough time to grieve, people handle this in very different ways. Fingers crossed that when our time comes again we will have the most beautiful, healthy babies in our arms xxxx
I agree with the ladies, its only you and your OH that can decide whether you are ready to ttc. If you feel ready then id say go for it, everyone is different hunny x x

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thank you so much girls.. LAURA_C the hospital were planning on giving me a c-section until my waters broke early and they said a normal delivery would be best because my angels head was so swollen over the fluid i would probaly rip each side because im so small and need a hystarectomy. If i had a section i would of waiting much longer like u said. I really hope 2011 and the years to come bring abit of happiness and healthy pregnancies and babies for us ladies. BABYDUST to every1 x
I wish I had a normal delivery but they wouldnt let me as his tummy was so full of fluid they were concerned he would get stuck in the birth canal. They also said they didn't think he would survive a normal delivery due to distress. It was worth having the section to have him for those 2 days if that's all I could have. I have also had a section before so I think that was a factor. Good luck hunni XXXXXXX

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