greiving for my little angel

So sorry for your loss.

I hope you're healing.
I'm so sorry to hear this hunni . . . absolutely heartbreaking. My thoughts are with you and your family xxxxx
:hugs: I am so sorry for all that you have been through. It must've been so hard throughout your pregnancy aswell. Thinking of you, please keep coming on and talking to the girls on here and there will always be someone to listen and try and help you through your hard time. xxxx
:hugs:How sad, my thoughts are with u. You are very brave xx
am so sorry to read this and i just wanted to send u some massive loves and let u know am thinking of u and ur family big loves xxxxxxxxxxx
Painfully heartbreaking hun. You really have been through it. Thank you for sharing and I send all my love to you and your other half xxx
Im so sorry for you and your OH - thinking of you xxxxxxxx
How brave you both are! Going through the things you have been through must be so hard! David is a very lucky boy to have such wonderful parents.

I know you will never forget David but I hope you forget the pain! xxxxx
so sorry to hear about David, my thoughts are with you, fly high baby boy xxx
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im so sorry about what you went thru with your little boy i can relate to you in a way i did give birth to a still born a was full term they did every test and could come up with anything he was perfect too again im so sorry for your loss xxxxx
hun my thoughts are with you and your oh at this sad time god bless you little david sending loads of hugs your way..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
This is so sad, everybody's thoughts are with you xx
hi just wanted to offer sincere thoughts of condolances, thinking of you biggest hugs ever.
Such sad news. Can't imagine what you're going thru. RIP David.
Love to you all at this sad time.

Sunnyb xxx
I really dont know what to say except I am sorry for your loss and cant even begin to imagine how your emotions are, but we are all here to listen when you want to talk about David xx
you are so brave to have gone through everything you did, cherish every memory you have and dont let it stop you trying again in future. its not easy to have given birth knwoing there was a chance baby may not make it and im so sorry the little one didnt. may he be at peace and in the stars, he will always have known how loved he was. thinking of you xx
im so sorry for your loss this must be heartbreaking but you are been very strong alot stronger than i cud imagine id be, rip baby david your with the angels now xxxxxxxx
Thank you all for your messages means alot x emmaandamyleigh and everyone who has lost a baby im so sorry for ur loss its evey1's worst nightmare i hope use have happiness in the future xx

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