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Airport story x

I love this story. I first saw it right when I needed it xx
That is lovely I was a bit chocked up actually what a beautiful story x

For all the ladies who's babies are still waiting Xxx you're time will come lovelys

:whistle: fapatalking :whistle:
That was supposed to be a :'-) not a ;-) makes me cry every time xxx
Makes me cry too I love this story though its lovely x
I never get bored reading this story. It's beautiful x

Michelle x
Awwww that is so sweet of him to make that story up for her, what a lovely thing to do :) x
I'm sat at my desk at work blubbing my heart out. That is beautiful. I have lovely images of he magical airport in my head now, thank you xx
Wow it took me a long time to find this and that makes me sad as that means there have been a lot of posts here since may and nobody wants to ever post in this section

So massive hugs to all you ladies in here present and past. I've been thinking about my mc alot recently with my fertility appointment coming up as doctors have been asking me lots if questions so its all fresh in my mind.

This story however I feel really gives you something to hold on to and makes me smile and cry simultaneously x

:dust: baby dust for you all we will get there one day x

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Magical and very much needed! Sobbing now x
What a beautiful story.
My husband read this and refers to it every month we are unsuccessful in getting our BFP. He keep saying our little one is just shopping in duty free and his flight isn't ready to take off yet but he will get here soon. Bless him.

Michelle x

"shopping in duty free"
that is so damn sweet :')
Wow such a beautiful story! My lo must have been waiting for a very long time, and has had three false starts already... :( Hope that next time the 'flight' is an uneventful one and soon, as I want to meet them soon....

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