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  • Hey huni, thought I would see how you and your beautiful babies are! Hope your all ok and you had a good Christmas xxx
    Hey hun, yeah it's ok just got to wait to see what they say on Thursday. My oh has had to do everything bless him haha congratulations again huni xx
    Hi Michelle
    Just plodding on with things! I started having reflexology a couple of months ago and get it done fortnightly, it's really helping me to relax and not focus entirely on TTC. I couldn't even tell the nurse the date of my last AF when I went for my smear last month!!! I still have the odd moments of course when I lose it and go to pieces over the whole thing but I'm mostly doing fine, thanks for asking xx
    How's things with you and Riley?

    PS I tried to answer you via your pm but it says you can't receive pm's??
    Hi Michelle sorry only just seen your message.

    thankfully my scan went fine! Still no movement off baby but they said everything looks ok. Such a relief.

    Hope you're ok as can be after your d&c hope riley is well xx

    sorry dont get chance very often as soooo busy with my 2 children or too tired x x x
    I dont blame you after all youve gone through. I hope that when your time comes you can enjoy it properly. Ill keep an eye and an ear out xx
    That's all you can do i suppose. It will happen for you, i just know it xx
    As for my bump, It's neither here nor there really, its well disguised by my chunky tum! no one would know i was pregnant yet..
    Hi Hun, just wanted to say I'm thinking of you at this sad time. Reading your post broke my heart all over again. Message me if you want to talk Hun.
    Everything is great. Early scan tomorrow so fx it's fantastic news. I remember when you got your BFP . Can't believe it was back in October. Wow not long now til your little one is here x
    Hiya! Spotted your ticker in a thread the other day! Congrats!! So pleased for you! After getting my BFP back in October, life got hectic and have only recently come back to PF and to see your news is fab! How are you doing with everything? Not too bad I hope! :)
    I got a very faint line on saturday but got a clearer one on sunday on FRER then a digi confirmed on monday. Over the moon and still in shock x
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