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Sep 17, 2007
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since yesterday i have been feeling really odd, my back is killing me my hips ache so much and my fanjita feels bruised like ive been kicked there by a horse or something and also my boobs have been leaking overboard enuff to feed the whole of the hungry in the world and not only that its milky stuff coming out now before it was seethrough stuff.
i cant sleep because it is to uncomfortable if i stand for longer then 5 mins my back cains... ive feel like everything has been cranked up a notch... i really cant last another month or 2 of this.

but it only gets worse :(
Kim's right, it gets alot worse hun!

I think in a way it all prepare u for labour as ur scared and worried but by the end ur that fed up that ur absolutely gagging for it and wishing the pain on urself :lol:

Try a nice warm bath n some candles to relax, might ease ur aches n pains :hug: :hug: :hug:
o and i did the bath thing but its so annoying knowing u have to then get out n dry urself n all that :(
Tegala-7thMarch08 said:
oooo wat a bummer :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

i was hoping it was some sort of stage :(

it is a stage...... just a very long one :lol:
aye i rememebr that stage.. you DO have good days and bad. You wont feel like this every day. I promise.
I think i had long hot bubblie baths every day throughout the 30 weeks. Only time i felt abit comfortable.
so far the weeks have gone by quite quickly... but i no its going to start 2 drag out now im constantly uncomfortable... this is the worst stage yet :wall: :wall:
Tegala-7thMarch08 said:
o and i did the bath thing but its so annoying knowing u have to then get out n dry urself n all that :(

Just give urself a quick rub down then sit with towel around ya, thats what i do hehe!

Yeah u do have good days and bad days :)
Have warm pjs and a hot water bottle ready and get in bed and sleep it off, its all you can do and look forward to another day :D I hope you feel better tomorrow chick.
Im living in the bath at the mo as it's the only thing that soothes me.

I just wrap myself in a towel and lie on the bed till im dry and i dont let my hair get wet unless im washing it.
poor u!

when does the uncomfortableness start? is it when your belly takes over the world? :)

the only discomfort im getting is like a bruised feeling pubic bone which makes it uncomfortable to walk or roll over some days, other than that imfeeling incredibly lucky (touch wood!_ :pray:
I'm living in the bath too. Candle-lit baths are my only saviour right now :lol:
:hug: I felt like that last week, but feeling a bit better at the moment. Are you still working, hun?
nope im not working :) thank god lol

i need to get myself booked in at a spa 4 the weekend :) curtisy of tamerons dad lol :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
I feel exactly the sameas you! It started yesterday and really freaked me out to begin with as i was so uncomfortable I convinced myself that the baby was on its way!!!!!

I can't offer any solutions other than to rest - i seem to feel worse if i overdo it (unfortunately my nesting has also kicked in and i am finding it difficult to do nothing!) Plus my blood pressure is low so OH won't let me have baths anymore cos i get too hot and then i feel faint!

It's all good fun this being pregnant!

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