weird kinda pain, help!


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Mar 25, 2010
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i ended up standing up for a while at the races yesterday, about 3 1/2 hours cos there was no where to sit and didnt wana sit on the grass when it was wet in a dress... :shakehead:

but woke up this morning and im in a weird sorta pain, ive got back ache and havnt had any all the way through, and when i sit on the sofa and wiggle from the left to the right on my hips, i get a really painful ache sorta in my cervix i think, its low down and deep inside, so not my back, but i cant get comfy at all and its horrible,

i fort this morning it maybe baby engaging and thats what was causing my discomfort, but red that the bumpy bit near my boobs shouldnt still be hard, and it is, so im guessing its not the head engaging early,

has any1 else had this or any ideas what it might be, im not due to see midwife until 23rd so ages away yet, and if its something normal i dont really wana bother her for nothing,

got a 3d scan on saterday so i guess il find out then if the babys heads engaged, but my god it is so sore, i literally cant sit still :shock:

i think im worrying about nothing, but cos i havnt had any sickness, or "bad" sides of pregnancy at all, im now bound to get everythin in the next 10 weeks, lol

ive got a wheat bag thingy on my back now but cos its not actually my back thats hurting and its inside like my belly/ flaf i dont really know what to do,lol

i did think i lost my plug this morning, cos it was like mucus and clear, but i think it was just :sperm: from too much :bd: lol

any help or advice would be muchly appreciated,

i had it quite easy first 20 weeks of pregnancy and then it feels like i just got it all! im hurting everywhere everyday and in its all sort of weirdd pains. I have never said much to the midwife about it tho (except for the pelic pain) maybe u just over did it abit?
I started having period type pains near my pubic bone area a few weeks back. Since then my pubic bone has been hurting. When I saw the midwife a week ago she said that this is because the baby's head is getting into the engaged position and the pain is it's head hitting my pelvis. The last two days I have had pelvic pain again but this time it is like my pelvis/groin is about to split appart. I mentioned it to my Aqua Natal lady today and she said that it is probably because it's head is pushing into mu pelvis and that I shouldn't spead my legs to far (like when I get out of the car).

Really stiff today and finding it hard to walk.

So I recon this is probably the same thing you have. If you are worried then give your MW a call.

The joys of pregnancy. xxx
thanks ladies,

i was hoping really its cos i had overdone it, im still achy today but its not quite as deep a pain so think il have a nice warm bath n see how i feel then

I have just started having a hard time of it my back aches to the right just under my shoulder blade and i get a horrible pain to the left just under bump and top of my hip

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