33wks and feeling funny


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Jul 10, 2011
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Hi, im 33wks now and for the last few days ive been feeling off colour. Started off feeling uncomfortable in my stomach i didnt fancy tea and it got worse when i went to bed that night, i was tossing and turning with pains on and off all night, tried to toilet once because felt the need to go but couldnt go, so more tossing and turning then got up and went to the toilet and managed to go (normal output btw!) wentt back to bed and just had stomach ache till morning when i had to quickly run to the toilet in agony (felt like a bad IBS pain) went to the toilet and neary threw up at the same time. Since then ive been feeling uncomfortable in my stomache and have got a constant belly ache, feel like i need a number two most of the time but im not constipated because im still going when i usually go. What do you think it is? Stomach bug? Baby just upsetting things in there or something else? Sometimes my stomach is really hurting (not to take my breath away but stronger aches) but im not noticing my stomach harden or anything. I still feel on and off a bit nauseous aswell. Im not enjoying pregnancy at the moment :cry:
Oh hun that doesn't sound very nice, I've not experienced this so I can't help you I'm affraid but hope you feel better soon :) x
Thanks hun, i just seem to have been ill most of the time this pregnancy. Im just worried incase my bodys already getting ready for birth because ive got a growth scan end of this month because they think baby is 4/5wks ahead size wise.

If you know what IBS pain feels like I'm assuming you have it? I do too and my mw said pregnancy can aggravate it big time. I've had random outbursts of it and was going the same as normal but was still constipated :roll:. Get in touch with your gp hun, they should be able to help xxxxxxxx
Yea ive had IBS for a long time, only that one pain felt like a big IBS pain tho the rest dont, its odd because i usually only get bad IBS pains when ive eaten certain things and i hadnt eaten anything really that day and what i had eaten werent things that would set it off (cereal mainly) i dont feel like its IBS now, i suppose that one toilet trip couldve been IBS set off by me stressing all night over my stomach aching because stress sets it off aswell. Thanks. xx
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Yeah worrying doesn't help at all. Try and relax hun xxxxxxx

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