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Mar 19, 2012
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i cant wait till this pregnancy is over, got 5 weeks left, when i found out all i kept doing was being sick all the time and kept fainting and blacking out, untill 12 weeks then everything was fine untill 20 weeks then they couldnt find what sex he was and they said everything fine looks like he or she gonna be a small baby they told me to go back in a couple a week so i did and they said it was a boy but he had stopped growing and they said i would have to keep going back for check ups and scans and after i went a few times they said he had started growing again but then near end its got bad only 5 weeks left and cant wait, i feel massive like a whale everyone says i look small but it dont feel like it my back and my feet are killing me and my legs ache at night when am in bed and i cant sleep am hardly getting any sleep and going to the toilet none stop wich is doing my head in because i have to walk up stairs and i can hardly walk as it is i can only just walk up road to tesco and it is only 5 mins away and i have to sit down when i am there and my boyfriend has to do the shopping, i been in bed most of the time this past week am so so tired i feel so crap and worn out because i ache all over and my heads banging cant get rid of this headache.
Awww hun :hugs: it not very nice the last couple of weeks and it sounds like u haven't had the easiest of pregnancies, it will all be worth it when ur LO is here xx
yeah it will be worth it :) i finally got a good nights sleep last night i went to bed at 9 and thought i bet i cant sleep again and next thing i no its 8 in morning.
A good sleep always helps!

Sorry to hear you've had such a rough time of it. But 5 weeks isn't long in the grand scheme of things, and soon enough you'll be holding your little bundle thinking "what was all the fuss about"!
Baby is fully cooked at 37 weeks so you might be lucky and not have 5 weeks :D. I feel your pain on the sleeplessness hun
i have had my baby i went to midwife last week and my blood pressure was high and protein in my wee and she said my face looked puffy and my hands so she sent me to hospital and they did blood test and checkedm y wee and kept an eye on me and they said i could be pre eclempsia so theu induced me friday i went into labour at 10 at night and i was still in labour at 4 in afternoon yesterday and i just couldnt push him out even though i was so out of it because i had gas an air, two pethadins and two epidurals because 1 didnt work but i was screaming and shouting for ages help me please get him out help me i cant do it please help me and they was talking about getting doctor to put a cup on and get him out and they fetched a doctor and doctor said no we will give her a c section so he arrived at 5.15 his names lewis matthew slater and he weighed 6lb 13oz

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