Painful to walk :(


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Apr 15, 2012
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I can barely walk, the pain is horrible, and when you lie down to do go to bed its so painful to roll over in my bed its all from my hips down, its like between my legs and the back of my legs around like bum/leg it aches cant expalin is well i say its like ive been riding a horse for a week and i ache and can barely walk, anyone else had this, got the midwife weds, god knows how im going to walk there it hurts :( had to even take paractamol in the middle of the night to try and dull the pain xx
Yes I have this, but only last few days or do. It's like pain in the bones at the top of my legs, and between my legs, also my pubic bone. I assume it is pressure from baby but it's very painful to walk, and rolling over in bed is awful. Mine seems worse when I am in bed. I'm not sure what you can do, I went swimming today which was great as there was no pain but as soon as I got out I struggled to walk again! x x
i have been doing swimming but doesnt seem to help then im exhausted after :( x
Yeah I have this & I have SPD. Swimming breast stroke will not help at all though if ur doing that, in fact it makes it worse. You have to keep your legs together! I've had it since about 20 weeks & it's getting worse :( hope you havent got SPD though but speak to your MW about it xx
i will do i see her weds, i went on my ball earlier eased it a little x
ive got this, im now very much waddling x
Its spd i have been told :( and to top it off she thinks my baby is really small so got to go for a scan tomorrow :( xx
Sorry to hear that it's SPD, but at least you should be able to get some support for it. Were you referred to the physio at all? I have a support belt and crutches to help me when it gets really bad, but for most people just following the general advice can help. This leaflet is really useful:

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