would you still test positive if baby had stopped developing?


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Feb 6, 2011
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hi girls going mad here thinking about today. First finding out im five weeks by size when thinking i was 7 weeks by date then they couldnt find egg sac just gestational sac by vaginal ultrasound. they have sent blood tests away etc but just have to wait see what hcg levels are like. in doubt i took a clear blue digital conception indicator and it said 3 plus weeks meaning around 5-6 docs dating which could be right withb what they said. i dont know what i expected to see, like it had gone or something. If baby had stopped developing would you still show up positive? im clutching at straws because i feel they are just going to say they cant confirm a viable pregnancy. has this happened to others?xxx
Hi 1986princess, i was 7+3 weeks, i had an internal scan because id started bleeding. the day before i had the scan i did a CB and it came up positve straight away! I had the scan the next day and was told that the there was no heartbeat and it had stopped growing at 6 weeks. I have since found out the hormone shows up to 2 weeks after it stops growing xxx
hi, thanx for your reply! i now know how hpt work in relation to development! i went in as id had cramps and was a little over anxious. i just wouldve thort if my last period was on 2nd january i was 7 weeks but they are saying 5. maybe i have got dates/ cycles wrong and egg sac fetal pole etc will develop beyond this. she was saying it to mew like i had just come too early and didnt mention miscarriage or anything its just coz iv been researching! i go back for second lot of bloods tuesdsay hoping it willl be ok, but dont know whether to think the worst x
It would still come up positive hun took mine 3 week to turn negative! Good luck for tuesday...xxx
Sadly I had a similar thing happen to me last year hon had lots of brown spotting, finally got sent for an early scan at almost 11 weeks but there was only the sac and placenta there no baby. Up until that point I was still getting positives on pregnancy tests and still had all the symptoms, then 2 days later I finally started to bleed properly. The doctor did say that some girls prefer to wait to see if the baby will develop, (in case they have their dates wrong) but with me that wasn't the case as the sac measured 10 weeks so there should have been something there. Could well be hope for you hon as you may only be 5 weeks and the little one could still be developing so please don't give up, I have everything crossed it will all work out well x x x
Just found this hon - hopefully it will help put your mind at rest a little...

Keep an Open Mind About the Gestational Sac Size

Many doctors will worry women unnecessarily if their gestational sac looks one to two weeks behind. A quick search of the internet will show that many women look a couple weeks behind during the first trimester but go on to carry their babies.

Why is this? Many of the women who look one to two weeks behind report having a tilted (AKA retroverted or tipped) uterus. During the second trimester, their measurements are often dating correctly again but, then again, their uterus is no longer tilted.

How the sac measures is not really that important. Rather, you'll want another ultrasound a week out to see if the gestational sac is growing appropriately (approximately 1 mm a day). If there is at least five days worth of growth (5mm) on that next ultrasound, there may very well still be hope.

Conversely, some women will be told they have a blighted ovum because their gestational sac is 13 to 18mm with no visible baby. Many women report their gestational sac size as being even larger before the baby was seen. At 21.5mm, we could not see my baby. A week later, at 28.5mm, a baby was seen (at nearly nine weeks gestation).
Take-home message on this step: One ultrasound is not enough to diagnose a blighted ovum. Have another ultrasound one week out and then as necessary
thanx hun that really helped take the emphasis on all negative thoughts but i am being realistic! the nurse was sort of saying that she thought id miscalculated as the sac measured 5 weeks and what she could see was relative to that but blood tests will show truth! just hope that if it doesnt work out this time that i would get pregnant again quickly coz i really hasve my heart set, thanx for ur help x
well I have everything crossed for you hon that the blood tests bring some good news. At least you know that you can get pregnant so if the worst happens I'm sure you will soon find yourself pregnant again. Even though it didn't work out for me in November I got pregnant again only 2 months later so remember every cloud has a silver lining x x
i had this with my 2nd pregnancy. I thought i was 6 weeks but when i went for scan i was only 4!!! And a gestational sac was seen only. However i had to go back 2 weeks later and sure enough there was a little heartbeat. :) Then with my 3rd pregnancy i though i was 11 weeks but was only 9 so i think is quite common to be put back. I hope this is the case for you. Take care xxxxxxxxxxx
Thankyou for that I'm hoping it will be seen but never know depending on blood test results il prob have another scan in a week or two! Il say a prayer xxx

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