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remembering to when you found out


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Aug 14, 2007
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now a lot of us are half way through and more...lets have a reminisce about that day you found out you were expecting...

mine i really didnt expect i would be pregnant...for a number of reasons...and not having regular periods normally i wouldnt think twice about missing a period..but because I was booked in for an op the next week it was on my mind that they would ask me when my last period was....

so i was out on a lunch break and i nipped into the local asda and bought a kit..went straight with it to the loo there and didnt expect it to show up pregnant AT ALL.....when i saw it was i just went dizzy !!!!!

I didnt tell my OH then, i did another test the next day...still didnt tell him!! Dropped some hints about saying i felt funny and maybe i should do a test ..did a 3rd one at home and pretended i'd just found out :wink:
then i think he went dizzy and sick himself!!! :lol:
I had been in TTC for a few months (been trying for 7 months though) - had a chemical PG the month before.
Was determined not to test early that month, thought sod it - tested with an OPK (which everyone knows doesn't count :lol: ) and it came up a strong positive, G3M showed me what her OPK's looked like that she took when PG so I thought 'sod it' and did a clearblue digi at 10DPO and it came up positive :D

Unfortunately when I posted my news on here, someone who knows my family saw it and told my FIL who rang DH and it wasn't a very happy time for a little while bit it's forgotten now (well sort of - I'm actually getting a bit angry again now... :oops: )
It only took me 3 months of ttc to fall pg after having the mirena coil removed. The month it happened was the first month I started charting using fertility friend and I started a diet and exercise regime thinking if I could lower my BMI it would help.

I did a pg test at 10 dpo and it was negative so I assumed that was it for that month. 11dpo I got majorly hungry so I thought AF was around the corner. 12 dpo I did another test (cos I was a complete POAS addict :oops: ) and got an extremely faint line, was so faint I didn't trust it so held in my wee for 4 hours so I could do another test...got another very faint line...didn't believe it, I thought it was ebay cheapys giving false positives :lol:

I did a clear blue the next day and got a much darker line, didn't stop me temping and POAS everyday for about a week though :lol:

Looking back now several days before I got my positive I was really struggling to do any exercise so I assumed I was getting ill. It must have been the pregnancy

It feels like years ago :shock:
we were TTC since about january. Id decided not to sit counting the days on the calender anymore and being gutted when i got a negative test, so this paricular month i decided to forget all about it.

We'd been to tesco to buy some booze (friday night!) and something made me grab a test just incase, didnt want to drink if i was preggers, but didnt expect to be. Took the test wheni got home, and while i was waiting for the result i counted my days on my calender and i was about 4 days late.......I peeped at the test and got a BFP!! i started crying straight away, lol. I was only about 4 weeks pregnant then. Seems like an age ago!
We had been trying for just 1 cycle properly I was desperate for another baby, I remember seeing the feintist line on an ebay cheapie, Sean coulnd't see it. Went out to tesco's got another test and had a strong line, I was over the moon, sean was quiet at first then happy :cheer:
i just going on as normal waiting for my period it didnt come so i just oh its late lol carried on as normal then it got very late and i told my nan she made me do a test :) i left it upstairs in the loo but as i went to open the toliet door i saw it was postive allready but i still went down and waited 4 the 5 mins :) then came up stairs it was still pos i didnt really believe it till i had my first scan :) then i poohed myself (not literally lol)

doesnt feel that long ago really for me but when i think back it does its just wierd lol :)
I was told that I couldn't concieve naturally, and had my savings all ready
to pay for ICSI or IVF, what ever I needed with my Boyf (I needed ICSI with my ex-husband)
Well.. we'd just come back from a trip to Japan and Australia and started a new job.... about a week into my new job.. I realised that I was a few days/ a week late (don't have regular periods)

Bought a test on the monday, didn't tell OH, wanted to check first thing in the morning.. The following morning....Positive... :dance:
At work..I bought 3 more, and went home to ask my OH, on one knee.. "IF he'd be the father of my child" or something fairly witty... and I walked in.. and burst into tears.... :lol:

He made me do 2 more, and then sat with a silly grin on his face all evening!!!

It's now been 3 months and 2 days, since I gave up Smoking, and Drinking..well.. not given up drinking completly, but an odd glass of something here and there is probably helping to keep me sane!! :rotfl:

I am now going to spend my IVF savings on a car for the three of us!! :)

awww :D

Well i was a week and a half late in april and i thought oh i wont be but ill do a test just to check seeing as i had the money on me. and it came up positive!! I was upset and didnt know what to do as it was a major shock but i came to terms with it and was happy and so was my OH after it had sank in. Then exactly a month to the day that i found out i miscarried i was devistated, Then after 8 weeks i still hadnt had a period so on the 12th July i went to the doctors to see why it was and she did a pregnancy test and it came up BFP stright away!! :D I was over the moon. then less than 2 weeks later i had a scan and i was almost 8 weeks pregnant! So i conceived just oer 2 weeks after the miscarriage
mines not really a happy time tbh. I'd only just had a baby and was having a VERY hard time adapting.
I had a good few weeks of tormail (sp???)
I still have good and bad days, but that life. :) genrally i am happy tho.
We decided a few weeks b4 that we wanted to start trying...but knew it would be nearly impossible to conceive in the first month.

It didn't stop me hoping though. I did a pregnancy test a week before af was due...BFN...I said I was going to wait until I was late but my OH kept asking me to do one.

Eventually 4 days b4 af was due I decided to give in again....got up really early....sat with the cup of wee and pregnancy test between my legs. Waited like half a min...and there it was...the line I had been waiting on!!!! :D ...I thought omg there is this teeny tiny person growing in me...give me a big shock.I knew I wanted the baby soooo much but thats when I realised what was actually happening and scared me!!!

I remember going to tell my OH but he was still sleeping and I had to say it like 5 times for him to take it in...he said yeh I already knew lol.

We really can't wait until April now.We are both just so happy. :D
I found out 2nd month of TTC 3days before AF was due and got a BFN.
I went away for a few days and did a test day after AF was due and got BFP!

Never told my OH was I testing because I had got BFN a few days beforehand. He was gobsmacked when I told him and it took a few days I think for it to sink in,even though we had been TTC.

I know one thing I'll never forget the moment I got a BFP i was shaking so bad!
I got pregnant in the first cycle of trying but it was the 3rd month off the pill so my cycle was totally irregular- getting longer and longer! I did a test at 15 DPO (or when ovulation should have happened) and it was negative. I was gutted as I'd made my hubby work hard to get that baby and I thought it hadn;t happened! We went off to dublin that weekend, drank a bit, ate a lot and I did a test the following Tuesday after I got back and still had no AF- over 6 weeks late by this point and got a BFP straight away! I said nothing initially and my husband, who was waiting for the squeals of excitement, presumed it was another negative! It was really nice to answer his call of, never mind love with "You're going to be a daddy!"
we wer TCC for 3 months and i tested on the day AF was due, I was temping so knew my temps were still high but as i OV late is was only 11dpo, did a cheap ebay test with FMU and it was the faintest line ever, my OH kept telling me it was too faint so it couldn't be right. He went to work and I took the kids to school, as soon as I got home i needed another wee, so kept in in a pot just incase, then I called my sister and as I had a Clear Blue Digitial she said to do it, and it said those lovely words PREGANAT, so I called my OH and he came home with some flowers for me and a big hug!!! x x x x
We'd been trying and not preventing since January this year, after the Depo Provera injection. Previously fell within one month (ended in m/c), so I didn't think it would take too long. It got to March and I still hadn't had a period, just spotting, and looking on the internet I found it may be because of the injection. We decided to TTC properly in April and started using OV sticks, then for April and May I bled every 2 weeks and wasn't getting positive OV sticks despite testing everyday. Went on Holiday to Portugal in June and was due on in the middle of it. Took a test just before leaving which was a plain BFN. I took 2 PG tests with me, although wasn't that hopeful as I thought I wasn't ovulating. Was due for AF on the Wednesday and it never arrived, had no symptoms either, so waitied until the Saturday and got my BFP!
Debbie and weren't trying for very long before Debbie thought she may have some implantation bleeding. We were both excited but tried not to get too ahead of ourselves.

She did a lot of tests which came back negative. Then one morning she got a very feint blue line. It was very light but definitely there. She wasn't convinced that it was positive and she did many, many more until the clearblue digital virtually shouted 'PREGNANT'.

It's then it started to sink in. Now I can't even begin to imagine a future without our child. Each time I see a scan picture, I want March to arrive quickly a little bit more.

Here's my first blog entry on it: http://dtbe.wordpress.com/2007/07/02/th ... way-to-go/

It seems so long ago now!
We were on holiday in Mauritius when I must have conceived, we were actively NOT trying (despite my nagging). I thought it was strange that I went off alcohol and most food half way through my all-inclusive holiday (doh) but put it down to the gastroenteritis I had.

Anyway after I got back I got my period but it was browny and only for two days - MOST unlike me as I am a "flooder" (TMI!)

So I assumed it was due to just having flown 8,000 miles and the time difference and stuff. 1 week later I was getting suspicious, did a Google search on "light period", and found THIS VERY forum talking about implantation bleeds. Was very shocked!

Took a test on the day I turned 5 weeks and it was positive. I cried and was convinced I'd ruined our life (as DH wasn't keen on having a baby) and he was over the moon and really happy - complete role reversal.

Typical :rotfl:
The year before had been a good year - my hubby was getting much better after having been really quite ill the year before that and I/we decided I'd come off the pill. I knew absolutely we'd been through enough and to truly TTC or even worse to get help (as I was begining to be a bit old) would have been wrong for us. We knew a child would be ok, but I didn't want doctors, stress, all that stuff at all - just to be off the pill and have my normal periods back.

It stayed like that for almost a whole year, me off the pill but us not really trying, me slowly thinking 'ok I've missed that boat but we have each other and I KNOW that in itself is damn lucky'.

Then, out the blue I sense I'm pregnant - I couldn't say why, I never did get morning sickness. I had to get a preggy test, the first one I'd ever done. I didn't tell hubby because I was also sure that I'd just gone a little loopy, but I had to know. I waited a week or so till my period was due then I hid the test in our bathroom.

I woke up before 6am, I used the dip method because it meant I could time it accurately and not worry whether it had been 'in the flow'. I sat there with my wee in a single portion marmalade jar that left a wee ring on the side of the bath. I watched as two lines appeared - I shook a little, gawped, didn't believe it but at the same time I did, I knew I was pregnant.

I went back into the bedroom and opened the curtains letting morning sunshine blaze in and waking a squinting hubby - as his eyes cleared he saw the test and gave me a wacking great hug...

I'm one lucky woman!
Well, I'm not sure we were trying... counting down from my due date, I think I was already 5 weeks pregnant when I "decided to try" (my husband has always been ready for a baby :) ).

I took the test because I felt wierd.. I had had PMS for 10 days and no period ... when I saw the plus sign on the digital test I screamed and my husband (who was in the bathroom with me) hugged me.

Then I needed to sit down...

...then I cried convulsely for 10 minutes...

...hyperventilated for another 20 minutes...

...and when my husband asked me "just tell me if you are happy"I could only nod vigurously :)

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