Does anyone on here ever think....?


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Jun 21, 2007
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That some people might just be lying about being pregnant or imagining that things are happening to them?

I just found out from a friend that on another board this woman came on and pretended to have a miscarriage and everyone was being all sympathetic and stuff and then she said she was pregnant again like the next day and it turned out it was all lies.

Why would be people do that? :fib: :fib: :fib:
to be honest i wouldnt bother myself with other peoples problems as much, it shouldnt matter to you what goes on in another womans life. i dont know if/why she would lie, however i dont want to sound nasty here but perhaps she thought she had miscarried and hadnt, or maybe all the hormone wasnt out of her system and she had a + test, talking about a friend being on a site and another woman possibly lieing to her isnt very nice tho..
its not the first time i've heard of this... my mum had breast cancer and i used to go on a major charity's forum so i could ask questions about the disease that i didn't want to ask my mum about (she didn't like talking about it and i'm the sort of person that needs to know things)...anyway it transpired that there were about 6 regular posters on there who were pretending to have breast cancer, seemingly in a bid to get sympathy. i think there's something really wrong with people like that - but perhaps they do deserve our sympathy anyway, for being so twisted in the first place?
purple13 said:
anyway it transpired that there were about 6 regular posters on there who were pretending to have breast cancer, seemingly in a bid to get sympathy.

Thats awful!! :shock:

Id like to think that every one of here is telling the truth and i never read a post and think 'there lieing' i might just be a bit nieve though :(
I have heard of this too but I dont think that these people are always twisted in the normal sense of the word. A lot of the people who pretend to have an illness or be pregnant do so to feel a part of that particular community - usually because they are very lonely and want to feel like a part of a group and have people empathise and care about them - even if what they are sympathising about isnt real. They dont do it for kicks or to laugh at the people who have the illnesses, it really is just to feel included in a social group. These people are usually people who find it difficult to interact with others on a normal day to day, face to face basis, and use the internet and forums such as this to give them a sense of belonging. I feel quite sorry for them really.
i feel sorry to a point... but its still very wrong of them when there are people who are really suffering, be it from a miscarriage or breast cancer or whatever. the people that are lying to get attention certainly have problems, but they shouldn't be conning people who have, IMHO, much bigger worries... :(
I feel sorry for people that have to pretend/lie, they are either missing on something/want to be part of something or just craving attention.
Boy that is really sad, i can moan alot when im sick, but i certainly wouldn't want to bother if i wasn't.
Funnily enough I actually know someone who pretended to be pregnant a few times and then had "miscarrages" in order to gain attention. On top of that she then managed to get herself pregnant then faked a load of illnesses in order to gain more attention. This all came to light when I finally got pregnant and have actually experienced these problems, as I did with my first pregnancy, only now I am doing it in Spain, under the same doctors she claimed to have. It has all been rather enlightening to all that know her and proof positive that she was a liar.... :rotfl: :rotfl: The truth always comes out in the end and these people always end up with some sort of cumupence for lying in such a dispicable way.
hmm...I think I know which site you mean.
It seems to be just people arguing and bitching! Not very much about babies on it - a bit of a waste of time.

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