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Feb 3, 2009
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Is this a common problem in pregnancy?
What can I do to try and 'relieve' it?

Ive had this dizzy feeling for weeks and weeks now (well before I found out I was pregnant) and it seems to be getting worse
I'm definitely no expert, but one of my friends had this recently (she's not pregnant) and it was down to he having a low blood pressure? I don't think hers was very serious and she wasn't recommended any treatment. Have you spoken to your doctor or midwife about it?

My doctor knows about it, he sent me for a blood test on Friday!
Hopefully, that should be able to give you some answers. Isn't it amazing how many blood tests you have to endure whilst pregnant..i think its amazing we have any blood left at the end of it!! :D Dis the doc say what they thought it might be? xx
He said that I could be anemic (sp?) but that its more likely to just be pregnancy hormones causing it! I was more panicked about the pain on one side on Friday to really ask to much about it though! I spose i'll hear tomorrow though? :?
Yeh, i know in my area, they're really quick at getting bloods back, so i hope you get yours, to put your mind at ease. If the doctor didn't seem too concerned, thats a good thing. Use it as an excuse to get plenty of rest today!! :hug: xx
There will be no rest for me im off to the shops soon :cheer:
Ive always suffered dizzyness but its gor worse during pregnancy, when i went to the midwife she said my blood pressure was low so that may be the cuase of it.
Next time u see ur midwife say to her bout it and see what she says.
But wen i feel dizzy i lay down and put my feet in the air, sounds silly but always makes me feel so much better :)

best of luck

Hi hun - going to bed now but didn't want to read and run -

Dizziness is a very common problem in pregnancy due to higher blood volume, the heart working harder and lower blood pressure.

I had this problem for a few weeks a short time ago - would be dizzy on standing and sitting and sometimes when sitting still, and felt weak and tired all the time.

The doctor told me to take iron - and I do have low blood pressure at the moment which explained some of it.

I started taking Spatone - which is iron rich water, you can mix it with orange juice in the morning.(doesn't constipate you taken this way either) I haven't had a dizzy moment since and I feel great.

However - ask your doctor before you start taking iron just in case this is blood pressure related.

Thanks for replying Tiny Sue!
Im going to phone the doctors tomorrow and ask if they've got my blood results back yet, I think he was checking for anemia (sp?)
I felt dizzy last pregnancy around this time and it was due to low blood pressure which is common around tri2!
I am not anemic but border line as I haven't recovered from last pregnancy soo I was prescribed iron as well as Vitamins..

Don't worry too much I am sure nothing serious u'll be fine hun...either way it's easy to cure!! I do remember my Dr telling me to increase my salt intake when I had a low blood pressure which I loved hehe
The doctors rung me this morning (I was going to ring them on my lunch break anyway) but I am indeed anemic :(
Forgot to ask, is there any risk to baby whilst im anemic?
Well, you don't want to be anaemic, but not sure if it's anything to do with baby's welfare or yours!

I recommend Spatone (no I'm not on commission!)

Best of luck hun

I'm anaemic too, it's not really anything to worry about as long as you take some kind of iron supplement, eat lots of dark green veg, potatoes, pulses, raisins, red meat, cereals, and drink orange juice as this helps the body to absorb any iron you intake.

Your body is magic and makes sure the baby gets the iron before you do, so do not worry you'll run out of iron supplies before your baby does.


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