remembering to when you found out

We concieved on our wedding anniversary whilst on a romantic weekend away in the countryside. We were just having fun, I didn't think my fertile period was for another week. However, after a weekend of ummm, ahem :oops: I got a positive OPK the next day. I was soo excited because we had unwittingly had oodles of sex just before ovulation, obviouly the optimum time for such activities :cheer:

The 2ww was horrendous. I was desperate to know as we were going to Hong Kong and Thailand on the day AF was due.

I started testing from about 8dpo :roll: (serious POAS addict), but got disheartened when no bfp was coming and I was getting all the PMT signals. I started buying loads of AF supplies for my holiday.

I had convinced myself that it wasn't going to happen that month. Then, lo and behold, the day before our flight...a BFP. It was faint, but it was there. I was just shaking with shock. Hubby was really pleased, but was very keen for us not to get too excited as we had lost 2 babies previously.

the first 12 weeks were terrifying...but we're through and we couldn't be happier :D
Long story really, sold our house in March because we wanted to move back to the village where we were born and Tim goes to school. As my sister was supposed to be going to Australia for a year, we agreed to rent her house while she was away. In July we went on holiday to our caravan in Wales for a fortnight with friends. After a very boozy and sexy fortnight really enjoying ourselves, we came back and carried on as normal. Things were becoming strained at home as sister not showing any sign of going to OZ.

Missed a period and thought oh its a bit late (often is) and after three more weeks did a test one lunchtime when I popped home from work. At this point I hadn't even mentioned to Mart I was late. The test was POSITIVE!!! Oh my god, I felt like my world had fallen to pieces. I am 36 and Mart is 44 and we already have a nine year old.I blurted the news out to him when he came in from work and fortunately he was delighted.

We are currently looking for a new house and relationship with sister now in tatters. Sad but things have changed with a new baby on the way and if she can't see why we need a house of our own then thats her problem!!
We had decided to start trying in 2006 so i didnt go for my depo jab which was due the beginning of October.

Didnt get proper AF back until March and then wasnt regular. I then signed up to Fertility Friend and bought a thermometer and OPKs ready to start charting. Never got a positive with the opks. Tested each month before AF was due. (POAS ADDICT)

Then july came round and i had a bleed on day 15 of my cycle which lasted for a few days. Thought i was out that month so didnt think bout testing. Then when the date of my proper af arrived i had the urge to test. i did with a cheapie and nothing came up so chucked it away.
Then me being silly had the urge to check it later and there was a line. Didnt mention this to OH as didnt want to get hopes up.

So tested the next day with FMU and there was a faint line so cracked open the clearblue digital and it came up pregnant.

Think i went into a bit of shock as i couldnt beleive it and just sat there. OH was so happy when i rushed in the bedroom and woke him to tell him.
I never got a positive OPK either. The month I conceived I was stressing about not ov-ing :lol:

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