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Jul 10, 2005
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Need to know when you all found out and if some went and coudlnt tell cuz it was too early.
With Kiara i went at 16 weeks and was too early so went back at 22 weeks and found out she was a girl!
So myd octor is leaving it up to me as to what week i want my scan so i need all your help .
Thanks girls.

Lewis - Didnt find out at my 20wk scan found out when he was born
Frankie - Found out at my 20wk scan
my scan was 20 +6...I'd certainly leave it till later scans as I am sure its not till about 18 weeks they can check the spine out clearly, Also the later it is the more chance of seeing i would imagine.
abigail i found out at my 20 week scan
tia i found out at my 20 week scan
jordan i didnt find out till he was born
and this one i found out at my 20 week scan that it was a boy
I'm going to wait and have a surprise like I did with Maddie - so hopefully around the 40 week mark for me :D

Both my kids were legs closed at there scans so hopefully i might be able to find out on Saturday which colour this one is and i'll be 21 weeks.
Last time it was 20wks and this time it was 16+1 :)

What are you hoping for, boy or girl?

Thanks girls, guess ill have to wait another month :)
*Kirsty* im hoping for a boy this time but another girl will be nice too .
I would say leave it a bit later if you can bear to - our scan was just after the 20 weeks mark - and although it seemed like ages to wait, it was a great scan, pic is great and we found out we were having a princess! :cheer: So worth the wait really for us :hug:

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