Do i find out the sex?!


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Oct 22, 2010
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So got our 20week scan next Wednesday and as far as i knew my hospital wouldnt tell u then sex of the baby. but after speaking to another mum at my sons playgroup found out they might as they had told her! i never wanted to find out with my son as he was my first and i wanted a suprise but now i have the option to find out i cant make my mind up if i want 2, it would be convenient to know to get organised and to know what i can keep of my sons but then the suprise is always nice! scared i'll find out and then wish i didnt! it was easier thinking they wouldnt tell me! x
hmm, well since you waited last time, maybe just to be different you should find out this time?

I dont think it will ruin anything for you my dear, its not going to make it any less special, you just get your surprise at 20 weeks instead of 40 :)
We didnt find out last time , I've decided we wont this time either :) but its not because i think it will make it less exciting or special . MY oh just isnt keen on knowing .
I know, i always said i wouldnt find out with any baby but curiosity is getting the better of me! x
I'm the same. Dont think I will cos my DH not keen to know and how can I keep something like that to myself?? I would just blurt out he/she I know it!! Last time I was never offered anyway. I think I would like a pic that can keep me guessing but not actually told - not an obvious pic, a side on one would be great - hey not asking for much!
I know tracey its not something you could keep quiet! i think i want to know, its exciting thinking that this time next week i could know. but then i keep thinking that if it was a girl how nice it would be knowing at the birth that weve got one of each! (not that i mind if its a boy!) My last scan pic was quite bad, baby had its back to us and wouldnt move atall! x
Me and the OH alwways wanted to know as we couldn't stand the waiting. I don't think I would be able to wait till the birth. I just like the fact we have been able to buy boy's clothes as I like to be prepared and didn't want lots of neutral. Its a decision that is personal to everybody and I can completely understand why people don't find out the sex. xx

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