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Feb 6, 2011
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Hi Girls after the rollercoaster of negativity over past 3 weeks, i went back for a scan this morning to find out sac had only grown a little and no yolk or fetal pole etc at 6 weeks! i also found out that the sac has moved lower down and blood clot has formed behind it. so basically miscarriage could happen in next week or 2.

Theyve given me a miscarriage information book and i have to make a decision whether to wait for it to happen naturally, medical management which im not sure about or surgical removal.

Basically i want the way thats going to affect me the least with my work( im a hairdresser and dont want it to happen randomly) im self employed with alot of clients! And i also want the best way for me to try again sooner.

After the shock of getting pregnant, iv now decided that its what i want to have a baby more than anything else. so whats the best way to get pregnant and avoid miscarriage again??

hope you are all coping ok xxxx
Im so sorry to hear this hunny, massive :hugs:
I can only offer you advise from my own expetiance and i personally would go for medical management, as i was told that it just like a natural mc but the tablets speed it up.
My baby measured 12w+3 days when i found out i had had a mmc, i had the first tablet on the friday afternoon then was admitted to hospital for a day where i had the second lot but because i was so far gone they had to give me a third. I bled quite alot but i know that changes from person to person. I took us 3 months to concieve again and we werent trying the 1st month. Thinking of you hunny x x

thanx hun the book describes medical management as like labour which i wouldnt want to go through for nothing. which is the best way for your body to get back to normal?
I have been through full term labour with Adam and medical management was nothing like it in my experiance and i was over 12weeks gone, sorry if this sounds very graphic but it felt like a period pain after the third tablet and then i felt a gush downstairs (tmi)
I cant advise much about a d&c but i know a few ladies on here have sadly been through this, they may be able to give you some more info. Take care of yourself hunny x x

sorry to hear you are going through this.

i had a mmc in feb - went for my 11.5 week scan to find baby had stopped at 8.5 week.

i was given the options and i went for medical management. They gave me one tablet that day, two days later i went back had 4 internally went home straight after and 6hrs later had to take 2 more orally.
the earlier the size of the sac etc the less pain i was told. i felt like i just had period pain. when the drugs had kicked in and opened the cervix etc i felt a gush (tmi) and had to keep dashing to the loo and changing pads etc. the heavy bleeding was over in about 8hrs max and then it was just like a normal period and lasted about 5 days with the odd bit of spotting.

my first period has just arrived too, we didnt ttc through that first month however will be now.

the reason i opted for the medical route was i didnt have to spend a day in hosp, i could be at home and manage any pain i had with painkillers ( i took 2 anadin). the letting it happen natural wasnt really an option as my body had not tried to remove anything in 3 weeks so they really only said medical or d&c.

ive been through labour before and hand on heart medical management is nothing at all like labour. its just like period pain but maybe a little stronger at points but nothing at all like labour.

x x
I had a natural mc at 6 weeks and it was pretty much as the girls have described for medically-managed. Difference is I had no control over when it happened. Loads of love Hun xxx
thanx girls. do u think if iv had one miscarriage its more likely to happen again or just one of those unfortunate things? x
I got told it could be just one of those unfortunate things when i had mine by my doctor but they cant be sure it will not happen again, no one can tell you that, as a mc can sadly happen due to many different factors. Ive got everything crossed that my doctor was right and ive got everything crossed that your sad news was an unfortunate thing and you will be back over in tri-1 with a sticky bean when you feel ready x x

thankyou xx think we want to try pretty much straight away but not like crazy so its still fun and not a chore. just wondering really how to go about it to be sucessful. like do u take folic acid still and stuff like that? does anybody know? x
The hospital advised me to carry on taking folic acid and to continue with a healthy diet. The month i got my bfp i went back to training for a half marathon, so was either out running or at the gym about 4-5 times a week, drinking lots of water and we dtd when we wanted to, not because we had to, which to be fair wasnt much as i was trying to put in my training! So i think the key is to be relaxed hunny, take care and goodluck :clover: x x

i have just had a natural miscarriage. i was 9 weeks and it just started to come away itself.....first thing i knew baby was no more was the sight of blood and it was pretty much over within the next 48 hours....

I didnt bleed too heavily. i did lose a large clot and a fair bit of blood when i was examined...

i have carried on taking folic acid (pregnacare conception) and am going to eat healthily and exercise to give bean best chance when we try again in may..

nurse told me 95% of miscarriages are just due to a genetic fault...not with you or your partner, just the 2 sets of chromosomes dont match right in that particular pregnancy. 1 in 4 pregnancies end in mc because of that fingers crossed you wont or i wont have to go through that time we will have more luck

they only get concerned if you have multiple miscarriages...

was this your first pregnancy hon? it was mine.. xxx
yeah was first pregnancy and from the beginning i just had a bad feeling for no reason. think it was because i didnt have sickness and wasnt put off by smells or foods at all. i wont mind getting them next time if it means a sucessful pregnancy. i went in to epu if im honest as i was over anxious, didnt have bleeding as such just constant on and off cramps. so if i get some of that pregnacare conception stuff is there anything else ud recommen? i wouldnt know wen id ovulate again either! yes lets hope were both more lucky next time xx
get yourself some ovulation predictor kits off ebay or amazon....i use the cheap one from about cycle day 1 is first day of your period. i always then use clearblue digital ovulation kits to pinpoint when i actually ovulate. these are quite expensive but i only tend to use these for a few days and use the cheap ones to detect when the surge starts. its the surge that makes your egg pop out you see....i usually ovulate on cycle day 12 but everyone is different

it was my 1st pregnancy too and i didnt really have any sickness either but my mum didnt with either me or my brother so i wasnt too worried...

i did have sore boobs and was getting dizzy spells right up to the week before i miscarried...but who knows when baby stopped developing, they will never know now......just one of those things but it goes round in my head all the time about whether it was just a sac, like you or did i have anything start to grow...

cant think about it too much or i get depressed....

i just think that it wasnt our time this time for some reason and i would much rather lose the pregnancy early on before seeing any scans or god forbid losing the baby at birth or having to make an awful decision later everything happens for a reason...

we are both just unfortunate to have this awful experience first time of being pregnant, but at least we know we can get we know we are ovualating and our OH little fellas are okay!! :)

its so so common and so many go on to have normal try not to worry...

as for the pains when you does hurt but its just like a very strong period pain that does sort of come and go and bit like contractions...but i am a wuss and i coped fine, so you will

feel free to get in touch again if you would like to know anything else.....

thanx for that, it is a positive sign that at least we can get pregnant and there are no fertility problems there! think yommorow il go out n get the pregnancare conception tabs and wait til i get period again after miscarriage and then begin the process! trouble iv got now is that i like to go out and have a few driunks with friends and oh at wknds but im worried to incase it affects my chances now! but gota have a bit of fun for now at least x thanx for the advice tho it really helps me to put things in perspective and re focus x
these are the tests

dont worry about having a drink until you know you've had sex at about the right time to you get a positive ovulation test...then just lay off alcohol in your 2 week wait til you get your period...which hopefully you wont...

i am waiting until i have had 2 periods before we try again...but thats just because we get married on 25th november and i dont want to be due too close to wedding...but there no harm in trying straight away. but i would wait until you get your first normal period after mc, just so you can track dates better etc...

hope that helps
I opted for a D&C as I was really struggling, and needed the process over (although may have been ok with the medical management as it turns out) both from a head and work perspective...

As for getting pregnant again, go with what feels right for you, we fell on 6 weeks after, the pregnancy was hard as I was over anxious throughout, but I think has helped overall... :hug:

thanx im hoping i fall pregnant again s quickly as that and all goes smoothly thanx for the advice. when did you go back to work after d and c x
I had a D&C in January for a MMC (no fetal pole, low HCG etc) the result was just like a heavy peroid really for about 5/6 dsays. I also had key hole surgery to ensure it wasn't an ectopic first and the pain from wounds from that were far worse than the peroid type pain.

Unfortunately I had to have the D&C the day I was due to go on holiday......but we did eventually go away 3 days later and I just took it easy for the 4 days.

I think everyone recovers differently.

My first pregnancy ended in a misscarriage, been bleeding , went for scan, they saw bean with a hb as well, had to go back the following weeks for rescan as still spotting, no HB, I went for a D+C, Went in the following morning, had a general so didn't know nothing was home by 4 pm. Had mild stomach cramps and slight bleeding that day, (paracetamol took care of it) and had no more bleeding then ( was surprised as they did say I might bleed for 4/5 days after d+c). I fell pregnant again exactly 4 weeks later.

So sorry you are going through this :hug:
The nurse told me with a d+c its like giving your womb a total clear out and a fresh start.
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