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  • Thanks for replying to me. I only just saw it, as I had not checked my profile! Im just getting used to this forum stuff. I am feeling much more positive these days! and this forum is wonderful and a great support. Hope you are well.. peace x x
    I feel we have similar situations.. I had a m/c on 13th may, its my 5th. then my sister is due her first baby in October so there was only 8 weeks between us. I am scared of how I will feel when her baby arrives.. I hope that you feel better soon.. and congratulations for pip ! its great that there is light.. (I hope I have not misunderstood your situation ! )....
    Thanks for the comments in my journal. Massive congratulations on your new ticker it's good to see. Just realised that you are a nurse too, we must have been really bad in our past lives :rotfl:
    :hug: xx
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