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Mar 13, 2010
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The other day we got to talking, and OH suggested the name Casey [for a boy or girl, it'll work either way].

It's a nice name, and it's probably one of the better suggestions, but when I asked why, he said it's because our friends [close friends, we're asking them to be godparents] have called their little girl Laicey...
He thinks it would be super cute to have Casey & Laicey :dohh:

I'm not sure that's a great idea - surely it could get confusing? and would they be offended that we've chosen a name so close to theirs?
Laicey will be about 1year old when our baby is born [dunno if it makes any difference!]

Opinions please!! xxx
i personally wouldn't but just because i don't want a name anywhere near similar to anyone elses that i know.

i want them to have there own special name just for them and although they are not the same it would bug me just sounding similar.

it's all up to you though hun.

I do like the name Hun, I personally wouldn't want that close a link just incase between friends, just incase it came between us etc
I think it's it sounds far too effeminate for a boy anyway and I definitely would not name my child that sounds just like my best friends child!

It really does sound like you are copying them, especially as theirs is a year older, other people will say so too. It's not like it's the name you have wanted for ever and ever! I'd lose it
Thanks girlies, you've all pretty much echoed what I thought.... it sounded cute for all of two minutes, until I'd thought about it properly.
Looks like we're back on the hunt :rolleyes:

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