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  • Nadia

    Nice to see you, I haven't been on here as much neither as been busy working full time. Yes still TTC, are you? I haven't been thinking about it really as been soooo busy with work and working nearly 50 hours a week with overtime, it's been non stop lol

    It's nice to hear from you, hope you are well. If you wana chat anytime, add me to msn [email protected]

    Donna xx
    im ok thank you hun. still hasn't happened. trying not to worry to much but as you know it's hard.

    don't worry about that you still have plenty of time to get stuff.

    going fine so far thankyou.
    and yes it has gone too fast for my liking! :O only got 4 and half months left :( and Ive not even hardly bought anything.

    How are you getting on? xx
    hiiii, hope ur ok iv been following your story and have kept checking to see if you tested yet???? hope its a bfp xxxx
    Hey Nadia

    That's no problem and yes I know what you mean. It's hard when TTC and very stressful at times...Me and o/h have decided to stop trying in a way of not using any ovulation method etc...and just sit back and enjoy the baby making lol So yes we are ok apart from that.

    Let me say it will happen to you soon, honestly it's just being patient. But I know how you feel after 4 years of TTC and still nowhere lol We will get there in the end hunni

    Chin up and speak soon
    Donna xx
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