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Mar 28, 2005
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I've got to be honest girls, and boys, I'm not digging facebook so much no more. Last night I logged on and read that Jamie Bulger mail that seem's to be all over facebook like a rash and it really made me feel ill :(

I can understand the internet being a powerful tool for communication and perfect for a petition but did they have to go into details about what that poor child went through?


Makes me not want to log on incase I see something else that makes me anxious and ill !

anyone else feel the same?
I've logged on there today and I haven't seen this. I really don't want to read about this. :shock: :shock:
I got it too. It's so annoying, those boys were released from prison years ago and that judge Butler Schloss woman retired........
I've had it too, I read the first sentence then didn't read anymore. I know enough already about it to re-read it over and over :(
I hate it when people forward disgusting pictures to me, then it sits there on my wall till I see it and delete it, sometimes I can't even delete them! Dunno why!

I don't ever forward anything TBH, I don't even know how, or why I would want to.

I hate the "If you're my friend send this back" rubbish thats all over there.
i dont know what mail u mean and i'm glad of that. hate some of things u get on there. thats why my friends list very small. I use it just to exchange pics and things with family and friends who live far away :)
I hate chain mail on Super Wall.

All that send this to 15 beautiful women in the next ten minutes or you'll die crap, it makes me SO angry! :x

I don't even look at shit like that, just use it for PM'ing old friends really
Urchin said:
I hate the "If you're my friend send this back" rubbish thats all over there.

hope you appreciate the anti-chain letter picture I just sent you then :wink: it's the only one I've ever forwarded
i have had it twice via email the first time i was sat there crying the second i couldnt even read it, was so sad that poor lil boy
i just don't dig superwall / funwall or whatever. i've tried to keep my facebook to a minimum unless the apps actually benefit me in any way. i did have "like ness" on, but it started taking over all my news on my profile so i got rid of it.
I've reas it too and a couple of things on it weren't true apparently
leckershell said:
i just don't dig superwall / funwall or whatever. i've tried to keep my facebook to a minimum unless the apps actually benefit me in any way.

Me too, I HATE the funwalls etc. I don't want vulgar pictures or chain mail posted on my profile.

I love Facebook, but I am a facebook minimalist and try to make sure that I don't annoy my friends by sending loads of crap their way.
Whats wrong here


Did you know that 80% of UCSD students could not find the error above? Repost this with the title "what's wrong here", and when you click "post ", the answer will be really obvious.

Grrrrr who else keeps getting this - there is no error!!
Oh and I hate those nice quiet videos of things that suddenly turn into nasty screaming gremlin :wall:
and like minxy wrote in another thread... i dont want to have sheep thrown at me or be vampire bitten and the likes. what a load of boll0x
Enough already with the Jamie Bulger message. I've had it FOUR times now. Once was too much. :x
glad i@m not alone on this one then :wink:
I like facebook for finding ppl and catchin up with old mates, dont go on it for anythin else? :think:
Isaw it when I logged on before and deleted it. They've been out of prison YEARS!!!!!

One of my friends keeps posting really pervy pics like a bloke passed out on the bed with a ladyboy behind him and someone who's had their flower painted as homer simpson. WTF would I want to look at them for???!
it is all a bit much i agree!!!!! one of the monsters new identity has been released i believe and he is apparently living very close to me which is scary, i dont know how much of it is true but it still makes you feel sick knowing he could be near my house!!

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