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  • That all sounds pretty positive for you, I hope its the start of something good. We haven't stopped trying but no success naturally. My cycles have gone to 29 days (ish) and appear to be ov'ing but there's clearly just too many things stopping us. If I get pg I'd need heparin injections and aspirin and (I think) progesterone as it was low when they tested with clomid, doc disagrees though. Fingers crossed your appointments go well :). We had sperm donation mentioned to us briefly, I'm sure you have too but hubby really hates the idea - I'd be happier if it was donor sperm and egg I think! Take care xxxxx
    Hey, sorry to hear you're having to wait so much...we're kinda the same atm. We haven't even got the date through for our genetics appt, I've read on the site that its over 4 months waiting. Hmmff. Going to ring tomorrow to try to find number of the clinic we're off to see if they will tell us when appt is.
    Its frustrating as they won't tell us anything we don't know, it'll be the same old 'it could affect your chances but then again it could be something else'. I'm hoping they'll tell us about PGD when we go. Have you found out anything new for your next try?

    Chin up! Keep me posted xxxxx
    Hi Louise :) I notice you haven't been on here for a while, neither have I - just came on for a quick read. How are you doing?

    I'm feeling odd about the whole thing and just generally frustrated - 3 of our friends had babies this week. I saw specialist about blood thing last week and they told me nothing I didn't know, it may or may not cause miscarriages and they can treat it but don't know if itll work for successful pg cos of hubbys chromosome thing, we're still waiting on that appointment.

    Anyhoo, I'm here if you want a rant or a moan or just a chat......hope you are well and enjoying this lovely cold January.....lots of love xxxxx
    Just wanted to let you know how sorry I am this cycle didn't work out for you. You and hubby obviously have a lot of love for each other and I know you'll get through everything together no matter what and no doubt come out stronger on the other side. On a good note I hope they can use some findings from this cycle to make the next ever better xxxxxxx
    Hi Louise, just wanted to say thanks for cheering me up with your advice and research earlier, I needed it! Like I said I'm going to (try and) take a break from the forum for a little while but I shall report back soon. Take care and I have my fingers fully crossed and crossed again for your IVF cycle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Lou. how are you doing? Did you have a nice christmas and new year? How are things going with the IVF? xxx
    Hi hun, im fine ta, not been on PF lately been quite busy at work. Im feeling quite positive about TTC at the moment im due to OV next weekend so im going to do lots of BDin and make January my month! Sorry for all the bad stuff your hearing at the moment hope the open evening goes well and gives you a little hope. Take care xxx
    Hi Louise, just thought id say hi and see how things are with you. Have you been for anymore tests etc? xxx
    glad your feeling better hun!! babys okies, put the pic up on another site to guess the sex so far ive had 3 say its a boy, so more then likely will be a girl lol!!!
    Hey Hunni

    I am not part of any other forums and I know what you mean about people not wanting to socialise and just concentrating on their problem...

    Keep in touch x
    Hey Hunni

    I know what you are on about, I don't come on here as much now I know we can't get pregnant naturally....And it is a bit dead in our section, I thought me putting that post up would attract more people to be open about their problems and give each other support, but it hasn't gone that way lol

    You decide what you feel is right for you and also if you want to keep in touch with friends off here (including me) if you do decide to go off the forum for good, then just add people of facebook or MSN or even email. I hope you get things sorted out soon.

    Donna x
    Hi Lou,

    My grans alot better thanx, still in hospital but better.

    Im not doing too bad aswell feeling alot more positive and relaxed. Not holding out much hope this month though as we only BD once, a week before OV and then OH was ill over OV, how rude! lol

    Hows you? where are you in your cycle? Any more thoughts on IVF?

    Tale care xxx
    Hey Hunni

    How are you? Not heard from you in ages, you aint leaving the forum are you :(

    Donna x
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