how many other women are having his children??


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Apr 20, 2012
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Its actually taken me 15 weeks to talk about this but I need to vent my feelings otherwise I might go insane. I have 2 children and am currently 31 weeks pregnant. On new years day my partner informed me that he had got another woman pregnant. She is 6 weeks further than I am so at this time she would be 37 weeks and due quite soon. I am no longer with my partner obviously as a result of his infidelity and am trying to stay strong for my children but its so hard. I haven't put on any weight with this pregnancy and have lost a stone in weight on top. The thought of my partner, sorry, EX partner, doing baby things with this woman makes me sick although he said he wants nothing to do with her and has asked his mother to act as a go between!! I mean really?? Are you that gutless?? Pregnancy is meant to be a happy time and I have so much hatred for him in me its untrue, the only thing that has kept me going is my children. I just hope the stress doesn't affect the baby.
So sorry hunnie, what a horrible situation. Good for you for booting him out at a time that was vulnerable for you. Stay strong, I'm sure your lo will be just fine :hugs: x
the stress shouldnt affect baby hunni, and he is scum hunni your worth better much better. he is a pig and the fact he brought it up that late is stupid. your baby will be better off without him and his mum been a go between how child like. we are all here for you hunni x x x
Well done u for kicking him out!! Many others wouldn't have that strength so good for u!

He's obviously spineless! And ur better off without him. It may not be easy, plain sailing, but in the long run, ull see that ur better off without someone who would do that to u!

I'm sure ur LO is fine, keep eating though and make sure to take some time for urself, even if its just a 10min bath. It'll get easier xx

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